14 Examples of Creative Nail Art

14 Examples of Creative Nail Art

Stylish fingernails and the most unique nail designs from all over the world.

Mario Nails

Awesome nail art inspired by the Super Mario Bros. 3 video game.

Mario Nails

Diamond Nails

Katy Perry’s stylish manicure features nails covered in rhinestones.

Diamond Nails

Pac-Man Nails

Nail art inspired by the characters from the popular arcade game.

Pac-Man Nails

Glowing Nails

Fingernails that glow in the dark with get you noticed at a night club.

Glowing Nails

Fast Food Nails

Unique nail art features brand names of popular fast food companies.

Fast Food Nails

Bacon Nails

This delicious looking fingernail art was inspired by BACON.

Bacon Nails

Binary Nails

Unusual manicure inspired by the binary numeral system.

Binary Nails

World Cup Nails

Why not support your home team with a set of cool flag nails?

World Cup Nails

Christmas Nails

Fun manicure by Janet Riffe was inspired by Christmas holidays.

Christmas Nails

Browser Nails

Internet inspired nail art created by Japanese blogger Mamipeko.

Browser Nails

Twitter Nails

Contemporary nail design dedicated to the Twitter nation.

Twitter Nails

Spongebob Nails

SpongeBob SquarePants nail art created by Maria Katrina Tiong.

Spongebob Nails

Soft Drink Nails

Nail art by Janet Riffe features brand names of popular soda drinks.

Soft Drink Nails

Zipper Nails

Stylish nails designed by Laura Sofiakoski feature a real zipper.

Zipper Nails

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  1. James Anzalone

    Oh em Gee.. Fast food & soda nails. I’m in ghetto-fab love

  2. Pete

    Too bad with those soft drink nails you can’t open a can yourself ;)

    Wonder if the glowing nails are glow in the dark that fades in a few minutes, or a chemical reaction that’s good for an hour or so. Nifty.

  3. Eliza Innes

    thats soo cool i wish i had fake nails like that

  4. Alysha

    I love the zipper nails…
    I want them! :)

  5. Daniel

    I think the zipper nails are the best and the christmas nails are good. The rest of them is poorly made by DIY stickers and glue? Not very much impressive as I know some girls who make good stuff and art on nail without being a professional.

  6. Jani

    The “Christmas Nails” are great :)

  7. Eliza Innes

    I LOVE the bacon nails
    i can like eat them right off
    ba haha. :)


  8. Julie

    I am most definitely copying the pacman nails :D

  9. Raads

    why..just why?!! i dont geddit.. nails are so much more prettier when natural.. :(


  10. Steven

    Bacon..hmm love it or hate it

  11. Chad

    I’m much into product endorsement on a personal level and would tend to agree with Raads comment above, but then again the Pac Man nails are kind of cute.

  12. Jaqi Mugo

    Glowing, soft drink, zipper. FUN!

  13. Art of Concept

    Cool as they are I must say I wonder why I see fast food, X-mas nails and even browsers, but no nature designs? Like Sea-life or landscapes, in fact the closest thing to Nature here is bacon and the bird from Twitter…I guess we are consumers!

  14. emmajane

    i love the zipper nails, the world cup nails, and the soft drink nails are amazing. I wouldn’t want to wear any of those myself, though.

  15. enav

    Glowgin nails and Firefox FTW!!!

  16. gunneos

    somehow i can imagine the zipper nails on edward scissorhands, if he didn’t have scissors for hands. it’s classy but at the same time sadistic.

  17. Melissa

    all of them were so cool except the diamond one

  18. Melissa

    and the binary one too

  19. adrian m

    where are the sports team nails

  20. Cezan

    Spongebobnails are love (L)

  21. esmeralda

    i love pac-man and those pac-man nails i got to say….. there the BOOM! X)

  22. cristelle

    i really love the zipper nails its so cool

  23. gwendolyn

    omg….i really love these nails and i mean every last one of them.i really and truely love to get my nails done….i wish i was creative to do some like that,i”ll do my nails every single week and i mean that…..well only if i had all of the tools:+)

  24. beatri

    ohh my gosh they are all cool

  25. Becca

    Okay I can’t do that one…
    I definitely can’t do that…
    Oh, I guess I could try those ones! Oh wait. No. No I can’t.
    Well… Maybe. All I’d have to do is… Yeah, can’t do those.

  26. Missy

    To the ones who think “they’re just stickers and glue”…The fast food/pop, mario (ALL in fact by Janet) are FREE-HAND PAINTED!!! I should know, I’ve watched her do a lot of them…if you notice there is 3D fast food pcs that are sculpted from acryllic…She does it ALL Free-Handed!!! She is a true artist…just look her up on-line…

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