Real Angry Birds

Real Angry Birds

Series of cool photo manipulations by Mohamed Raoof shows us how the characters from the Angry Birds video game would look in the real world.

The artist transformed photographs of real birds into the “Angry Birds“.

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

White Bird

Black Bird

Green Bird

Mighty Eagle

Red Bird

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  1. Maru

    This is awesome! Love it…

  2. Sharyn

    Brilliant! Although it just goes to show how badly my Angry Birds playing sucks that I’ve never got far enough along to see a couple of these.

  3. Ninja Egg :D

    This is really cool. Just how i pictured they would be;)

  4. miggy

    nice very cute indeed

  5. Jonice

    Good jobs! Love it… :D

  6. ivander

    this is awesome, but i think the blue bird must be smaller from the red bird….

  7. Kristal

    Perfect! I’m going crazy about angry birds!

  8. Master Oche

    Awesome, but WHERE ARE THE BATS, MONKEYS & PIGS!!!!!!!

  9. D.

    Now they just have to make the new orange one and it’s complete!

  10. Josh

    That is amazing!

  11. Subarulol

    hey! those are the birds that kept flying into my house last night!there are a lot of beak marks at my door now

  12. Gary

    are they real?

  13. dude

    now what would the pigs look like?

  14. cherry

    what are the names of these birds?

  15. oliver

    amazing picture amazing game too

  16. Mandy

    I love these pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Lintu

    cool! last is best!

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