Cassette Tape Art

Cassette Tape Art

French artist Benoit Jammes transforms recycled audio cassette tapes into beautiful and creative works of art.

Old Cassette Tapes get new life in the form of unique art installations.


Cassette Art By Benoit Jammes

Homer Simpson

Audio Cassette Tape

Chewing Gum

Old Cassette Tapes


Cassette By Benoit Jammes


Old Cassette Tape


Tape Art


Recycled Cassette Tape


Recycled Cassette Tapes


Tape Art By Benoit Jammes

Mondrian Composition

Cassette Tapes

Upside Down

Cassette Art

Leather Handbag

Cassette Tape


Benoit Jammes

Censored Tape

Cassette Tape Painting



Christmas Tree

Cassette Tapes Art

Kill Bill

Cassette Tape Art By Benoit Jammes

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  1. reason

    I’d like to think there’s a deeper meaning here.

  2. Pavel

    rich fantasy :)

  3. Jahangir

    Now this is called seeing ordinary things from artistic perspective :)

  4. Karen

    Gotta say these are pretty nifty.

  5. Max

    I like the visual esthetics but I don’t get why he used cassettes. Some of these could be interpret as an homage to the old glory days of cassettes, others however, cannot.

  6. Vinz Clortho

    Art grants latitude, alas, even to the banal.

  7. Libeerian

    What @Vinz said.

  8. jacklyn

    omg i just love these! good way to recycle into artwork

  9. Justin

    The object is the cassette. Every single piece pays homage to the old glory days of the cassette. If he didn’t use a cassette, or you couldn’t identify the object as a cassette it would be different but it’s not. Good job.

  10. woops

    Very original!

  11. byMeh

    Impressive work. Its insipiring

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