Gravity Defying Photography

Gravity Defying Photography

Eye-catching photographs by talented French artist Philippe Ramette show him in unique locations and gravity defying poses.

Creative images were not modified in Photoshop or any other software. They were captured on location with the help of hidden metal supports.

Gravity Defying Photography by Philippe Ramette

French artist Philippe Ramette

Flying Photography

Walking Underwater

Creative Photography

Upside Down Photography

Life Underwater

Levitating Philippe Ramette

Creative Photography by Philippe Ramette

Reading Underwater

Philippe Ramette Photography

Walking on Water

Sleeping Underwater

Photography by Philippe Ramette

Underwater Photography

Real Life Photoshop

Philippe Ramette

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  1. alireza

    Very nice

  2. Betty

    In the age of photoshop these are amazing!

  3. leazah

    I thought they were all Photoshopped till i say the one on the ladder under water and then the video they did a great job

  4. Lilia Smiles

    There is the effort and ingenuity people tend to cheat on with Photoshop

  5. Dominic

    Vampires Exist!

  6. Douglas

    The effort expended for these great shots is really something. However, if these can all be done effectively with photoshop and you wouldn’t know unless you were told…

  7. John

    I love the underwater photo, looks great and I love how the reflection of the water kinda creates an other world, two people reaching towards each other? anyways amazing XD

  8. Bill


  9. Atavar


  10. Rattanak

    That’s really awesome!

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