Animals Made of Wood

Animals Made of Wood

Russian artist Sergey Bobkov makes realistic looking animals out of wood.

Detailed wooden sculptures take many hours to complete and in the end they look like real birds, rodents, and other animals.

Wooden Animals

Animals Made out of Wood

Wooden Animals by Sergey Bobkov

Wooden Sculptures by Sergei Bobkov

Wooden Animals by Sergei Bobkov

Wooden Animal Sculptures

Wooden Sculptures by Sergey Bobkov

Wood Animals

Sculptures by Sergei Bobkov

Animals Carved from Wood

Animals by Sergey Bobkov

Animals by Sergei Bobkov

Russian artist Sergei Bobkov

Sergey Bobkov

Animals Made from Wood

Sergei Bobkov

Wooden Birds

Russian artist Sergey Bobkov

Wooden Bird

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  1. kadal

    actually there’s many person who made animals figure from wood in my country, and they sell them on interior or exterior decoration purpose.
    but Mr.Sergey Bobkov made a really stunning detail that i never seen before, especially the fur. nice!!!

  2. LOL

    that owl without feathers. LOL.

  3. Swamy

    How does even one start thinking on these lines. brilliant

  4. Pavel

    Amazing work. How much labor …..

  5. Matt

    I think the craftsmanship is amazing…. I wish I liked the end result more though

  6. Gert

    They look cool but I would never say they look ‘real’ unless your idea of real involves cartoons.

  7. Vinz Clortho

    This one needs a video. WOW.

  8. AMADO


  9. Max

    Amazing craftmansship but I would never place something like this anywhere in or near my home. It’s over the top kitsch to my western european taste, I do think it’s well suited for the russian culture though. Great job.

  10. Karen

    Although it’s a little creepy like wood taxidermy or something.

  11. Amused

    It’s laughable that you think art is only for you to put in your home.

  12. Max


    And where in my text did I say that?

  13. Schmavis

    No smoking near the art please….

  14. @

    Your word choice is kind of condescending. “over the top kitsch to my western european taste, I do think it’s well suited for the russian culture”. No one talks like that in normal conversation, come on.

  15. Amy

    think about the splinters youch

  16. lavazza


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