Wooden LEGO

Wooden LEGO

LEGO figures made of wood by talented French designer Malet Thibaut.

Hand carved wooden figures are packaged inside of cardboard boxes.

Each toy is unique and numbered. Perfect gift for any LEGO collector.

Wooden LEGO Minifigure

Wooden LEGO Figures

Wooden LEGO Minifigures


Hand Carved Wooden LEGO

Malet Thibaut

Wooden LEGO by Malet Thibaut

Wooden LEGO Men

Wooden LEGO Figure

Wooden LEGO Man

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  1. Losersaurus

    Very sleek, I love it. I wonder if the parts are interchangeable like on an actual LEGO figure?

  2. kadal

    this is gonna be my next photography object along with danbo.

  3. Larna

    why chopped the tree? :z

  4. Masteroche


  5. esther

    very sleek n classy packing wowzer love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Pilicks

    would have been better if this was made of recycled stuff.

  7. Duncan

    Would have been so easy to include a picture of the man being held by a hand to get a sense of scale, but no.

  8. Mikhil

    It is missing the (crucial) holes in the feet..

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