Incredible Wooden Sculptures

Incredible Wooden Sculptures

Gehard Demetz creates amazing wooden sculptures for everyone to enjoy.

The artist assembles each sculpture individually by combining wooden elements to create incredible works of art.

Wood Sculptures by Gehard Demetz

Wooden Carvings by Gehard Demetz

Wooden Sculpture by Gehard Demetz

Wooden Sculptures by Gehard Demetz

Wood Carvings by Gehard Demetz

Sculptures by Gehard Demetz

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  1. alvanhalen

    truly amazing! i just wondering how to create this sculpture with real shapes…

  2. Joemcjoe

    The second one is phenomenal. The hands are so realistic, and look somewhat ethereal…

  3. Art of Concept

    How amazing! Totally love it! Lot’s of emotions mixed here, great conceptual artworks!

  4. Vlad Iepure

    very nice made materiality of different materials, from skin to rubber :D

  5. chazzzz

    very interesting

  6. Pete

    Beautiful sculptures.

    The sense of scale is impressive. I originally thought they were 1/2 scale to full-scale. Looking at the link, I see many of them are much smaller.

  7. Diego

    Good Stuff!

  8. Karin L.

    Very interesting!

  9. vivian

    …looks like really “dark” to me

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