Balloon Dresses

Balloon Dresses

Beautiful, stylish, and eye-catching dresses made out of hundreds of balloons.

Unique dresses were created by Japanese balloon artist Rie Hosokai and talented art director / designer Takashi Kawada (Daisy Balloon).

Japanese Artist Rie Hosokai

Dresses Made of Balloons

Dress Made out of Balloons

Balloon Artist

Balloon Artist Rie Hosokai

Daisy Balloon

Balloon Clothes

Dresses Made out of Balloons

Takashi Kawada

Balloon Art

Rie Hosokai

Balloon Clothing

Daisy Balloon Dresses

Rie Hosokai and Takashi Kawada

Daisy Balloon Dress

Dress Made of Balloons

Balloon Dress

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  1. Mindy

    Pretty but all I can think of is the obnoxious noise they’d make when they moved.

  2. Maheen

    Oh wow.

  3. Douglas

    Serious balloon skills.

  4. Pearl Lamie

    i think the noise could be part of the fun!

  5. Masteroche


  6. Betty

    Wow! These are amazing. We see a lot of creative stuff on Toxel but these are a cut above. Many layers of skill and design is represented here–Bravo!

  7. Gert

    T-t-t-too much time on my hands…

    lol Don’t sit on anything sharp or in wicker chairs :D

  8. Pilicks

    Use this as a wedding gown, put a bit of helium and the bride can have a train that does not need to be dragged!

  9. Payaam

    Lady Gaga would die to have one of these!

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