Cool Photos of Levitating Girl

Cool Photos of Levitating Girl

Incredible self-portraits by Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi show her flying around Tokyo.

Levitation illusion was achieved by jumping in the air and taking photos using fast shutter speed (faster than 1/500 s) to freeze the action.

Levitating Girl


Levitation Photography

Levitating Photo

Levitating Photos

Natsumi Hayashi

Floating Girl

Levitating Photography



Floating People

Floating Photography

Jumping Girl

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  1. Kat R

    Very cool! I like the tenth one the best. It has a good balance.

  2. Laura B

    very clever. I like her taste in clothes too.

  3. T


  4. Fillibert

    crazy vertical leap. she’s in shape

  5. c

    damn she copied off me. i always get around like that

  6. Lucas Dellaretti


  7. Michael

    I’m not an artistic pessimist in any stretch of the immagination but I just don’t get why people think these photos are that innovative. She is jumping to catch the right photo. It is my personal taste, I understand, but I don’t think jumping in editorials is all that interesting either. The ONLY feature that makes it sort of catchy is that it is called “levitating”. Sorry, just not that impressed or interested.

  8. J Jones

    I wonder how many times she fell and hurt herself?

  9. Critical Eye

    @ Michael

    You’re right, this technique isn’t innovative… but the execution as a whole is very well done. I like.

  10. Rob

    @ Critical eye

    I disagree. With todays digital cameras you can snap 10+ photos in a second. All you have to do is pick out the one that looks good and discard the rest. You can even take a still from a video. I would be more incline to think the execution was artistic if you took one single picture “just” at the right time. That would show skill.

  11. Carola

    I have seen this kind of photos before, but this one are really good.

  12. Jason


    That would be luck. I think she chose the places well, and all the photos are consistent. It’s not the most brilliant, but its cute, fun, and dare I say — artistic.

  13. M

    I’ve been following her blog and her photos are amazing! I’m happy she’s gaining foreign exposure with these photos. I think a huge factor that makes these photos so eye catching is its composition.

  14. kadal

    her pose and her ’emotionless’ face was also the main factors that makes those photos grotesque. yes, i’m gonna call her photos ‘grotesque’.

  15. Archerphoto

    I wouldn’t say it’s luck. They probably shot hundreds until they get the result. It’s an interesting work :)

  16. bob

    @The wannabe art critics above: All professional photographers take multiple shots of the same composition and then pick out the best. Yes, some of it is luck, even your best planned shot may not be perfect, not everything is predictable.

    Not all artwork has to be innovative. Ppl have different interpretations of the same concept. That is what is interesting.

    I like her work. Not mind blowing but shes having fun doing them and it shows.

  17. James Ward

    How much helium did it take, and where did they put it?

  18. hill

    I am totally agree with @bob!!

  19. Modhawk

    She needs a skateboard by her feet, then we’ll approve! Nice comp though.

  20. Derek

    Wow she’s cute. O_o

  21. Cellie

    omg such a good jumper. tried that at home. nearly ended up with a broken arm!

  22. nash

    cool… amazing concept and technique resulting in excellence…

  23. ccc

    I agree with Derek. ;)

  24. nate

    i liked the whole concept of it its really creative, she also has some style to her clothing my fav pic is the one her reaching for candy, she looks like a teen-hereo character, nice work

  25. rit

    Just one question…why Japanese are masked?

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