Balloon Bridge

Balloon Bridge

Unique bridge designed by French artist Olivier Grossetete is supported by three helium filled balloons.

Pont de Singe (Monkey Bridge) is located in Tatton Park’s beautiful green garden in Cheshire, England.

Creative balloon bridge was made for contemplation rather than function.

Photos by Duncan Hull, Toby Savage, Wilf, and Thierry Bal.

Helium Balloon Bridge

Air Balloon Bridge

Bridge Drawing

Pont de Singe Bridge

Pont de Singe

Olivier Grossetete

Olivier Grossetete Pont de Singe

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  1. michael

    I am amazed at how brilliant people make the dream-like possible.

  2. kadal

    this is fantastic, unfortunately it was made for contemplation rather than function. if only somehow the bridge was well function too, it must be amazing.

  3. M

    lol first time see “bridge” go from land right into water . serious what is the point for that bridge ?

  4. gunneos

    agree with M. it looks pointless. now imagine those photos without the bridge. serene nature in all its glory!

  5. Al

    Very nice, may is not function now, but that bring great Idea for new design , may we add more balloon and change some thing, can be function. Thanks for who bring this idea and built it

  6. cole

    Cool to see the drawings of the artist alongside the actual thing – incredible how similar the two are.

  7. Pilicks

    and a gust of wind should do wonders for this bridge. Perhaps it will settle on land this time.

  8. Douglas

    Interesting. Must have been a pain to install. Man and his artful endeavors.

  9. Gert

    Does not function now.. will not function later. anything that would contain the helium for any feasible length of time would also be too heavy to float properly. Not to mention the complete reengineering that would be required to make that bridge anything remotely safe or useable to walk on.

    It’s pretty… but it will never be functional.

  10. Fairy balloon man


  11. Lilia Smiles

    I think it would’ve been a better experience for people if they could walk on it too (and reach the other side).

  12. Vinz Clortho

    Yo Gert – read the description. It’s not meant to be functional.

  13. Niyari

    it’s be cool if it could hold one person at a time just to sit in the center and just chill. maybe all it’d need is more helium (which is very expensive) but for a child that would be a fun experience.

  14. Engel Bert

    beautiful and creative idea,although it is looks to blowup in air at any time.

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