Amazing Paper Dresses

Amazing Paper Dresses

Sao Paulo based fashion designer Jum Nakao makes dresses out of paper.

It took 700 hours and one ton of paper to create these beautiful dresses.

After the runway show, all dresses were destroyed to serve as a reminder that fashion is just “a medium and not an end in itself”.

Paper Fashion

Paper Dresses

Paper Dress

Creative Dresses

Amazing Dress

Amazing Dresses

Beautiful Dress

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  1. yann_tiee

    just imagined what will happen to our forest and environment after this fashion show..

  2. bananaman

    @yann_tiee the fashion show already happened, so decide for yourself…

  3. zen

    Couldn’t they just put the dresses on display instead of destroying them??

  4. Larna

    Amazing and so detailed. wonder how they sit or even walk. but then again, amazing.

  5. Diana H

    The styles were very Romulan, weren’t they? What work it must have taken.

  6. Nikki

    What a waste! A ton of paper for some someone’s ego? have we not moved on? nice dresses – prefer trees – they don’t have to be on a runway to have purpose – and oh, is this reeaaally innovation???? Or just someone have a creative wank?

  7. red

    they are nice but what a waste of paper… what would happen if it rains when you wear this ^^

  8. gxr

    So many “intelligent” and “eco” comments… mmpf..

  9. Spectator

    Wow! A Lampshade-Woman! 0_0

  10. core.e

    really? innovative but lacks functionality. i think we’re past the point of impressing people with raw ingenuity and need to focus on what makes ingenuity usable on a daily basis.

  11. Waleed

    Are these real girls 0_0

  12. Lucas

    São Paulo – Brasil :D
    KKK cabelo dos bonecos da Palymobil, muito legal!

  13. Glenn Contreras

    What about rain? =\

  14. Danyell

    Isn’t it nice when someone puts hundreds of hours of work into something and have some smug person online simply it to “Psh, waste of paper.”

    Unless those complaining are *actually* doing something for the environment besides simply separating their garbage, they should probably shut up.

  15. Erin

    This is fashion for the sake of art, not for the sake of wearing it in the real world, walking around, etc. Functionality would make sense for a casual designer, but these dresses were only ever meant to be on the runway and photographed. I think the designer spent a lot of time to make something beautiful and I think all these negative comments are unfit for the content.

  16. anonymous194

    Unless those complaining can vouch that they never waste paper, they have no right to call these dresses environmentally unfriendly. It’s not only big projects like these that take a toil on the environment.
    Examples of wasting:
    -Not using both sides of a piece of paper
    -Using too many squares of toilet paper
    -Throwing away paper wrappers in the trash because it is more convenient

    Can anyone honestly say that they’ve never wasted? While I personally don’t like these dresses, to say that they are a waste of paper would be just wrong considering the mindless wasting we do on a daily basis.

  17. puddingpop

    Amazing production!

    I don’t know how many of the don’t-waste-paper-finger- waggers have actually worked in the garment industry, because this production is a perfect summation it’s fickle nature.


  18. rachel

    Why are people complaining about the waste of paper? Isn’t paper about the most common medium for art? And don’t trees grow again and again?

    They’re not meant to be functional, but simply someone’s artful expression. Quit asking what the rain would do. It’s paper. You already know.

  19. curious

    Seriously people? This is art like any other.
    Artists use paper all the time nbd. Nd I’m pretty sure yhe school system wastes the most paper so go hate on tht

  20. LuciaRayne

    I think it’s ridiculous that people are everyone is so worried about these dresses when there are so many other things that use up wway more paper. This is art! Not to mention that paper is a renewable source, people! Have you all never seen tree seeds? Go to a plant nursery and plant your own trees if you’re so worried. Not to mention, much of the paper produced is taken from trees grown in tree farms where the trees are exclusively grown to make paper. Is it too hard to just enjoy breathtaking art?

  21. Joy

    what a waste! none of them even looks good, and besides, who would wear it??

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