Bullets Cut in Half

Bullets Cut in Half

Fascinating photos by Los Angeles based photographer Sabine Pearlman reveal hidden complexity and beauty in the designs of modern bullets.

Bullets were photographed inside of a World War II bunker in Switzerland.

A lot of engineering went into the creation of each bullet. Beautiful images stand in vast contrast to the destructive purpose of these objects.

Bullet Cut in Half

Modern Bullet

Bullets by Sabine Pearlman

Ammo by Sabine Pearlman

Modern Bullets

Sabine Pearlman

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  1. jacklyn

    they look like rockets

  2. Sr. F

    the blue one!

  3. Cheryl

    It never occurred to me that there was anything inside them. Gives me the chills thinking how each might feel. Disturbing and creepy!

  4. Malin

    This was a moment of truth for me. I feel like Cheryl -creepy!

  5. Tahere

    Painfull pictures!

  6. Jimmy

    Funny how such as simple device can cause so many deaths.

  7. Betty

    These photos speak to the amount of time and energy spent coming up with new and more destructive ways to hurt things…yes, creepy.

  8. kasteroni

    Can we get names for these bullets? Just wanted to see what the solid state would look like. Sorry, not really a weapon’s person.

  9. lanton

    I wonder what kind of equipment they use to cut with this precision and avoiding any kind of explosion due to gun powder? water jet ?

  10. Glenn

    The components can be separated and then cut with a saw or water jet, the powder is then added back (I’m sure). Cross sections of bullets aren’t uncommon but these are some really well done examples.

  11. Ryyx

    Yes it appears likely that the bullets were disassembled then cut, since many of the more complecated rounds (like the ones with round balls in a copper jacket, or the one with a flechette inside) seem to have left the internal structures intact. Some nice examples of exotic ammunition, though.

  12. ET

    For a short moment I thought those were creative nail files. I would have liked that better.

  13. dave

    If these bullets were used to protect yourself or your lived ones from and attacker I bet you wouldnt consider them so “creepy”….. or maybe you would just defend him off with kind words and a hug

  14. greg

    These are cartridges cut in half. Bullets are only one component (the projectile). If you are going to be “creeped out” by or or otherwise hate something, you should at least understand it well enough to know why it disturbs you.

  15. Arnold

    Pictures were very interesting but those “creepy” comments are very disturbing….they are made to protect you not tickle you…

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