Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

Unique sculpture of escaping bull by talented Chinese artist Chen Wenling.

“What You See is Not Necessarily True” sculpture comments on global financial crisis.

Bull represents Wall Street and the man shoved into the wall is Bernard Madoff who was sentenced to 150 years in prison for Ponzi schemes.

Artist Chen Wenling

What You See is Not Necessarily True

Chen Wenling

Chen Wenling Sculpture

Chen Wenling Emergency Exit

Chen Wenling Bull Sculpture

Chinese Artist Chen Wenling

Emergency Escape

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  1. aokiharu

    Holy crap..wtf..this is ‘kind a cool’ but really disgusting at the same time.

  2. Swiper Fox

    Still could not understand the “emergency exit” concept kind of thing here.
    Where’s the emergency? and the exit?

  3. sam surya

    emergency exit should make people get out quickly,, I think the presence of the statue, makes people slow to come out, and enjoy the unique sculptures.

    BTW… this great job of art..

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