Knife Carvings

Knife Carvings

Unique artworks carved out of knives by talented Chinese artist Li Hongbo.

Knives are transformed into metal sculptures and beautiful works of art.

Knife Carving

Knife Sculptures

Li Hongbo

Knife Sculpture

Artist Li Hongbo

Knife Carvings by Li Hongbo

Li Hongbo Knife Carvings

Knife Sculptures by Li Hongbo

Li Hongbo Knife Sculptures

Chinese Artist Li Hongbo

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  1. Nidooh

    Beautiful! what tools do they use to curve metal!

  2. randall

    fantastic! laser cutter?

  3. Rob

    meh… probably just used a water jet to cut it out. not so much is it art really if you just draw it on a computer and have a machine cut it out for you…

  4. Barrie Hall

    Rob, drawing things on a computer is also talent and art. So no mater the tools used this is still art.

  5. Jerry

    Actually…nowdays everything can be art no matter what type of material you use or if you make someone (machine, artisian) to make it for you…the question you should ask is wheter it is a good art or bad art

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