Skateboard Sculptures

Skateboard Sculptures

Japanese artist Haroshi creates unique three-dimensional sculptures out of recycled skateboard decks.

Layers of stacked wooden decks are transformed into sharks, body parts, fire hydrants, toys, fictional characters, and shoes.

Skateboard Apple

Haroshi Shark

Skateboard Shark

Haroshi Skateboard Sculptures

Skateboard Moose

Skateboard Bear


Skateboard Pigeon

Skateboard Cat


Haroshi Skateboard Art

Skateboard Foot

Skateboard Mario

Skateboard Shoes

Skateboard Nike Shoes

Skateboard Shoe

Skateboard Hand

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  1. Niyari

    The horse with wheels would be awesome for a kids toy

  2. bananaman

    Wow, this is so creative! Also a better use for skateboard decks instead of just throwing them away.

  3. Lilia Smiles

    The colors and the jagged edge reminds us that they were once skateboard decks! Absolutely love it!

  4. cole

    i like the moose the best

  5. woops

    This is the best thing I’ve seen on Toxel since I started checking it.

  6. Betty


  7. JAPW

    seems like a good mix of wood craft meets the CNC.

  8. redhood

    beautiful :)

  9. MMM

    I want the bird! But they are all so beautiful!

  10. douglas

    Not a huge fan of the layered plywood look. The tennis shoes were nice. Some of the others that didn’t appear as layered lamination were also interesting.

  11. niss

    beautiful! :)

  12. Elin

    I’m in love with the horse on wheels :)

  13. Ninja Egg :D

    Love the hands

  14. Joe

    So sad. Think of all the enjoyment kids could get out of all those skateboards. Those “recycled” decks look just fine! What a waste..

  15. Amber


  16. Alex

    I love the shoes! especially how the toe curves up using the actual curve of a deck :)

  17. Mackie

    I love how perfect Rody(the horse on wheels) looks. my little brother has one. its a bouncy inflatable ride on toy. absolutely wonderful. i love them all.

  18. Bill Varner

    The feet and hands are really fine…very interesting and unique. Great work.

  19. vijay nayer

    This confirms that creativity is thinking differently!

  20. christie

    i want those shoes!!! XD

  21. ian

    Those hands are totally making the motion for a kamehameha wave. LOLOLOLOLOL so much win

  22. Aidy

    Wow, all done with skateboards? Magnificent.

  23. Karen

    WOW!!! Simply amazing, how the hell does one get the time and dedication to pull something like that off. Kudos to art and Double Kudos to you.
    Thanks for sharing

  24. Alyssa

    WANT! SO beautiful!

  25. Movi

    I seriously think those tennis shoes are photoshoped.

  26. Maya

    WOW! That’s so cool!

  27. Stephen

    I am a first year architecture student and i cant get over how cool this is. should make an architectural scale. i think those would be extremely popular with architecture students. would be really cool if you could incorporate a color scheme into the design based on the 12 different scales

  28. tricoad

    He should tell people that all of the decks were used by tony hawk and sell them to stupid american people for large sums of money

  29. Dany Jones

    Delightful! Fine craftsmanship. Clever and colorful. All around appeal, like a bowl of candy.

  30. Isaac

    pure creative genius! Master Haroshi art is light years ahead!

  31. Rania

    So cool… How did he do that, I can barely cut my nails with my hands… He is a genius, and the idea is so creative, the fact that he used skateboards is ordinary but the 3D idea is incredible !!! great job

  32. daniels

    Where did he get so many skateboard decks!?

    And tricoad, eat my fat American butt.

  33. Robert Lowdon

    The shoes and the legs are absolutely awesome.

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