3D Printed Shoes

3D Printed Shoes

Beautiful and creative shoes designed and 3D printed by talented footwear designer Janina Alleyne.

Unusual high heel shoes were inspired by the anatomy and silhouettes of different animals.

3D printing technology will revolutionize the world of fashion. In the future, we will see more and more shoes with unique and memorable designs.

3D Printed Shoes by Janina Alleyne

3D Shoes by Janina Alleyne

Scorpion Shoes

Scorpion Shoes

Scorpion Shoe

Scorpion Shoes by Janina Alleyne

Scorpio Shoes

Reptile Shoes

Reptile Shoes

Reptile Shoes by Janina Alleyne

3D Printed High Heel Shoes

Exoskeleton Shoes

Printed Shoes by Janina Alleyne

Exoskeleton Shoe

Shoes by Janina Alleyne

Exoskeleton Shoes by Janina Alleyne


Janina Alleyne

Printed Shoes

Exoskeleton Shoes

3D Shoes

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  1. Douglas

    3D printing is just plain amazing technology. The designs are way cool. I wouldn’t want to try walking in them though. Damn. Women’s fashion is painful.

  2. bananaman

    The heel looks really pointy. I think it would break under my weight :/ and I wonder what material it was printed out of

  3. Lilia Smiles

    They look a little scary…

  4. Spectator

    Blood for the blood god!

  5. Gert

    Ok… imagine these catching on every single piece of fabric you pass… because they will. Also, I can’t imagine the stuff they use to 3D print is at ALL comfortable as a shoe. It’s plastic. Imagine wearing your ‘jellies’ all day every day. Remember how sweaty and uncomfortable your feet got?

    I’m all for fashion but these are a great concept, not a great design for actual fashion which is totally different than what you see on the runway as we all know.

  6. Pearl Lamie

    i love(d) my jellies and still wear them!

  7. James

    I don’t like them at all. Despite their wild lines they are so forgettable.

  8. Toski

    Really guys?? They’re a prototype!! They were not made with wearing purposes. The resin used in 3D printers does not have the structural stability for that. As a concept i like them a lot actually!! But i agree in one thing, i can only envision them being used in the next marvel comic movie!! Not in real everyday life!!

  9. Toski

    …or the next lady gaga video!! haha

  10. Chad

    3D printing is definitely amazing stuff. Awesome for prototyping or for decorative arts. Heck, put a little high gloss lacquer on these and you have some bad ass shoe art!

  11. Iain

    If H.R.Giger made shoes, except his would probably be black.

  12. DE


  13. Jose

    This is the perfect item for female Dovahkiin :D

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