Ice Cube Sculptures

Ice Cube Sculptures

Miniature sculptures carved out of ice by Japanese whiskey company Suntory.

3D ice cube sculptures inspired by objects and popular fictional characters.

Mario Ice Cube

3D Ice Cube Sculptures

Statue of Liberty Ice Cube

Suntory Whiskey Ice Cube

Horse Ice Cube

Whiskey Ice Cubes

Guitar Ice Cube

Suntory Ice Cubes

Astronaut Ice Cube

Carved Ice Cube Sculptures

Sphinx Ice Cube

Suntory Whiskey

Shark Ice Cube

Ice Cube Sculpture

Godzilla Ice Cube

3D Ice Cubes

Architecture Ice Cube

Japanese Ice Cubes

Diamond Ring Ice Cube

Ice Cubes in Japan

Batman Ice Cube

Suntory Whiskey Ice Cubes

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Too bad that the ice cube art doesn’t last long.

  2. Kathy

    These are wonderful! And, there’s nothing ‘subliminal’ about the shapes – LOL.

    That’s a joke for those of you who remember when the marketers of spirits were accused of ‘hiding’ subliminal images and messages in the ice cubes photographed with the liquor.

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