Desk Made of Books

Desk Made of Books

Unique library desk made out of hundreds of carefully stacked recycled books.

Book desk is located at the library of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. [photos by Ellen Forsyth]

Library Desk Made of Books

Desk Made from Books

Library Book Desk

Delft University of Technology Book Desk

Book Desk

Desk Made out of Books

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Don’t do that to books.
    They are for reading, and not stacking books to make a desk.
    I wish readers would get books from that desk until there’s no more desk.

  2. Chari

    Good thing they built it spine-inward; people would constantly be taking the books out otherwise…

    This is a much better solution than throwing unwanted books away!

  3. zaher

    Beautiful it fit the environment

  4. Fabbo

    there are definitely some books not worth reading. maybe this desk is made up of the books that no-one wants to read… at least they have a use now!

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