Using Body as an Input Surface

Using Body as an Input Surface

Skinput is an innovative technology that appropriates the human body for acoustic transmission, allowing the skin to be used as a finger input surface.

An armband projects the interface onto the skin, enabling users to input data using a larger touchscreen than is offered by current mobile devices.

The location of finger taps on the arm and hand is determined by analyzing mechanical vibrations that propagate through the body.


Body as an Input Surface

Skin as an Input Surface

Body Touchscreen

Skinput Concept

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  1. sagana

    Fantastic, is so futuristic, i love it!

  2. @jodie_nodes

    This is like the SixthSense device announced at TED last year:

  3. Enrique Ramírez

    I’d love to play tetris with this and just start clapping until the thing freezes. :)

  4. Vijay

    Yes it’s like the Sixth sense project
    I think with 3D bio printing you could print a second skin to wear which would include circuits. What would happen if you had a disability? I think thought computing will override this.

  5. The Guy

    looks dumb
    i mean look at the thing u have to wear on ur bicep
    looks stupid, smart phones are more convenient
    as is a keyboard

  6. unDave™

    That looks huge to be wearing on the streets, technology should improove before released to the public, i hope it will, aside that, looks fine i think, something completely new on the field.

    -by unDave™

  7. Fresh

    That’s pretty insanely awesome. Great name for it too.

  8. Diego

    it needs more development until costumers can use it in the real life.. but I love it!

  9. WP-Expresso

    Amazing – I think I saw a video about this at TED – you wear a tiny projector on your neck and it displays the content you want on anything and uses a tiny camera that works similar to EyeCandy games :)

  10. Reilly

    Weird. It’s cool… but kinda makes us look like cyborgs. Hope it’s not the next thing to get radiation or cancer from…

  11. Andersen

    The concept is great. Just make everything a bit more compact, create a sleeker design and menu interface, and you have it. I think early adopters will generally use this within 5 years or less.

  12. bert

    Great approach! Keep it up

  13. boblicy

    NICE. I’d love to see how far they can take this concept.


    OMG I WANT THIS, man that’d be fun, just think in a couple years… “Buy now, Halo: Reach for your arm, only 99.99” xD

  15. glenn

    so… can i play piano on this thing ? :D

  16. Charlotte Tai

    i never dreamed this could ever be real….

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