Modern Library in Norway

Modern Library in Norway

Beautiful public library designed by Helen & Hard architects is located in the downtown of Vennesla, Norway.

Unique interior of the Vennesla Library and Culture House consists of 27 wooden ribs that form bookshelves and comfortable reading benches.

Large windows let in plenty of light and provide beautiful views.

[photos by Hufton+Crow and Erieta Attali]

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Vennesla Library

Library of the Future

Public Library

Creative Library

Cool Library

Beautiful Public Library

Modern Public Library

Vennesla Library and Culture House

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Helen and Hard Architects

Vennesla Library by Helen and Hard

Library in Norway

Futuristic Library

Helen and Hard Architecture

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  1. the prince

    Like a piece of heaven in my eyes…

  2. cole

    Incredible building and library – I know plenty of libraries that could use some modern updating :)

  3. Pavel

    Interesting look at the division of space

  4. jimbo

    Wow, I could live and die in this library. It’s so light and fresh looking.

  5. Gert

    Looks like a space port. Interesting.

  6. K

    I could live there.

  7. ibrahim mert

    somebody dreams, somebody make it real!!! is it realy real? someone must kick me, i want to wake from this dream…

  8. Nisa Zul

    would love to go & bring my lil’ sis there. she will love it so much!

  9. Douglas

    From the outside it looks like a supermarket, inside like an airport terminal.

  10. Max

    I like it but it looks too monotonous, almost like a stasis chamber for books… then again that’s a library

  11. Niyari

    Classic looking libraries are very enchanting, but it would be cool to incorporate a comfortable environment to it such as the seating here.

  12. Banaan

    This is the most disturbing space that i have seen in a while. it looks like an airport or railway station whit moving staircases popping up everywhere and the reading benches look like solarium’s. They shouldn’t have designed it as a library.

  13. Dave

    Looks like echoing would be a problem.
    Open space is great, but sacrifices shelf space and potentially more books.
    There are a lot of children pictured, is this a children’s library?
    How does the lower level(s) look?

  14. Tansel

    @Banaan, I could not have agreed with you more. The airport thing also went through my mind and the whole setting suggests people living in a very fast world. The clustered bookshelves are reminiscent of bookstores found in many shopping malls. I can’t imagine myself relaxed and being immersed in any deep reading in such a place. They should have worked out the library concept in the likeness of a grove.

  15. Max

    To my the library feels more like a church than an airport, a bastion for the written word as some sorts. It’s clear the architects tried to re-invent the concept of a library, if they have succeeded only time will tell. Regardless libraries in general are doing really bad throughout Europe so new things have to be tried. They don’t draw in enough visitors and a lot of them are closing down because a combination of a lack of income and a lack of need.

    For a different perspective just look at the concept of the library in Maastricht that was on toxel a few months ago

    Is that your idea of how a library should be? A place that only looks like a library but is actually a tourist location in disguise with an expensive restaurant to match it?

  16. Vennesla

    This is from my home village – and it is just so amazing in the real as on the pictures – really love this library! <3

  17. nidia

    that’s bloody fantastic

  18. anne tran

    it is cool. I want this library in my country

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