Movie Posters from Behind

Movie Posters from Behind

Clever images show the back side of iconic posters of popular classic movies.

Movie posters created by Y&R promote LG Home Theaters with 3D sound.

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman Poster

Pretty Woman Movie Poster

Kill Bill

Kill Bill Poster

Kill Bill Movie Poster

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump Poster

Forrest Gump Movie Poster

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  1. fuhdenden

    the kill bill need reflection on the floor

  2. Me

    Nice idea, the text behind Tom Hanks is wrong. It should read from right to left.

  3. Swiper Fox

    Pretty Woman’s movie poster from behind is wrong.
    Richard Gere’s coat should be closed IN FRONT.
    It appears that the bottom of the front part of the coat is folded inward.
    While the actual movie poster appears that the front part of the coat are overlapping each other.

  4. Swiper Fox

    Error Found:

    Kill Bill’s behind shot: “A ROARING RAMPAGE & REVENGE” in red ink in IS NOT the same as the frontal shot “THE FOURTH FILM BY QUENTIN TARANTINO” in black ink in the above Kill Bill movie poster.

  5. lighten up

    Even though the previous comments are scrutinizing the art for its “incorrect minutia,” it is to the artists benefit.

    The commentators have obviously methodically critiqued the work, which must mean that they were captivated by it. Point being: they are successful works, well done.

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