Dog House Sofa

Dog House Sofa

Modern sofa with attached dog house will make a great addition to the living room of any pet owner.

Designed by min n mun, the maker of the famous Cat Tunnel Sofa.

Dog Sofa by Seungji Mun

Dog Couch

Dog Sofa

Dog House Couch

Doghouse Sofa

Dog House Sofa by Seungji Mun

Dog Couch by Seungji Mun

Dog House Couch by Seungji Mun

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  1. Tao

    What’s this trend in designing furniture that’s also a playground for pets! Let those animals run free in the yard or park…it would beat the he’ll out of any contrived middle ground…and perhaps it would clear our consciousness as well.

  2. kadal

    well i think its not that the dogs cant run free, the sofa was an additional playground, its like adding a new fun for them. make them feel comfort anywhere.

  3. Max

    These dogs are small, what if you have a german shepherd or any other “larger sized dog”? I can’t imagine them bothering getting into that opening

  4. Spectator

    If one has a german shepherd, the sofa would be just big enough for it to sleep.

  5. Enrico Martinez

    a spoof to “crouching tiger, hidden dragon”
    which is “couch-sleeping human, hidden K-9”

  6. Me

    @Max, obviously you wouldn’t buy this if you had a german shepherd. -___-
    That’s like saying “They shouldn’t sell small dog houses, because they don’t fit great danes.”

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