Miniature City Photography

Miniature City Photography

Creative photo series by Julia Fullerton-Batten shows teenage girls living in miniature city.

Teenage Stories project was completed without the help of Photoshop.

Floating in Harbour



Milk Bottle

Bike Accident

Red Dress in City

Shopping Trolley

Beach Houses

Chewing Gum

Broken Eggs

For more inspiration, check out: Cool Photos of Levitating Girl

  1. Jam

    miniature city x giant! This is awesome!

  2. Mike

    This is so cool! I want to be a giant in a mini city

  3. Joe

    This would be great to see with a tilt-shift lens- or the effect faked.

  4. kadal

    those are really COOL….my fav is “bike accident”

  5. praveen

    Really awesome work…very gud execution

  6. Critical Eye


  7. Shade

    Wow. Just amazing.

  8. wat

    I wish there were giant bikini-clad ladies wandering around my city.

  9. BOTDF

    Who goes shopping for either lemons or oranges in a bikini while walking a dog? o.o

  10. MMM

    I LOVE the bike one! Hilarious!

  11. Ninja Egg :D

    i really love stuff like this. :D

  12. leazah

    I want to go smashing around in them like Godzilla

  13. Clare

    I don’t like it. I’m not blown away at all. Just my opinion :)

  14. mea


  15. jj

    I’m sorry but what did the photographer actually do aside from take pictures of models? While I’m pretty sure Photoshop actually WAS used (color correction, cropping, etc), it’s a moot point since these village scenes already existed and she simply used them as a setting for the shoot. She did not build the scenes, she did not modify the sets, she did not have to do anything to make the models look unusually large. It’s the same as taking the kids to Legoland but with better lighting.

  16. tt

    I agree with jj that it is inherently interesting when you reverse the order of logic which is replacing the physical hierarchy with an emotional one because with these photos, the models dominate the landscape instead of the other way around.

    Also, why are they all look like they are posing for an ad from hipster Anthropologie magazine? Incidentally, my favorite one is of the model dead on the side of the highway… heavy, man.

  17. Lou

    “I’m sorry but what did the photographer actually do aside from take pictures of models?” How is the work of a photograph not enough already? There was thought put into the point of view, framing, poses etc that I’m not sure you’d be able to do yourself. Get off your high horse please.

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