Treetop Boardwalk

Treetop Boardwalk

Breathtaking treetop walkway connected to spiralling observation tower creates unforgettable walking experience in the forest, 45 meters above the ground.

“The Treetop Experience” designed by Effekt┬áis as a continuous ramp that makes beautiful forest accessible to everyone.

Treetop Boardwalk will be a part of Camp Adventure Park in the Gisselfeld Klosters Skove forest, south of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Treetop Walkway


Spiral Treetop Walkway

Spiral Treetop Boardwalk

The Treetop Experience

Effekt Treetop Boardwalk

Treetop Experience

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  1. kms

    nothing really new … such a thing already exists in Czech republic:

  2. m

    Inverted pyramid – the higher you go, the less stable it becomes.

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