Modern Office in the Forest

Modern Office in the Forest

Cool office located in the middle of a beautiful forest near Madrid, Spain.

Designed by Selgas Cano, the office is covered with giant windows that provide stunning views and let in natural light. [photos by Iwan Baan]

Office in a Forest

Modern Office in a Forest

Office with a View

Office in the Woods

Modern Office

Forest Office

Office in the Forest

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  1. he

    Coooooool :)

  2. hersheylover

    i would like to work there

  3. Javi

    What a depressive workplace

  4. Erik van Erne, Milieunet


  5. Hsoj Spillihp

    aside from the outside and where it is… that office is ugly.

  6. Blorgh

    Wildly reminiscent of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade skit. Cool.

  7. Rindane

    interior is nice but the outside looking of the office could be better

  8. Celzn

    I don’t agree with the colors. Apple green?

  9. Tiopan

    it’s inspiring :-)

  10. chazzzz

    I want to work there, almost!

  11. Y. tsye

    I don’t like this workplace, It’s just like a big glass box with some people locked inside.

  12. timmay

    i like it, but theres just to many modern house’s, buildings, offices etc. they should just slow down and put more enteresting stuff up

  13. Betty

    That’s really cool. I like how the office is half buried– less intrusive mark on the landscape.

  14. Kim Phillips

    Looks like a prison from the outside, but it may be comforting to the people working inside…getting to see nature all the time.

  15. glalblog

    really cool

  16. Ben

    Where is the washroom ?

  17. Atavar

    How loud do you think it gets inside when it rains on that glass roof? You won’t get much done when its hammering it down, you won’t be able to hear yourself think of its anything like a home conservatory. Nice touch the floor being under ground level… until the rain starts to flood the place, too forests aren’t known for their quality drainage.

    On the plus side, nice space.

  18. Gert

    The floor is level with the ground, please look at ALL the pictures. It seems to be either on a hill or there is some sort of other structure giving the odd underground perspective. I’m pretty sure the concept of drainage has occurred to them.

    Javi, why do you think this is depressive? Have you worked in a cubical farm? I’d pick this any day over 90% of the offices I have been corralled into.

  19. Kelven Cheah

    Coool, like 2 work there…..

  20. Atavar

    @ Gert, good observation but second first and second last images are definately sunken. As you suggest office must have its far enterance on a sloping hillside, even so that opening wall won’t be of much help if theres enough water to flow. As its a real building, yes, considerations must have been made somehow. Wonder what the company who own it do?

  21. Sarah

    Beautiful office, but there seems to be a ton missing. Where do they park? Bathroom? Kitchen type area for lunch? Private office area for phone calls, interviews, etc.?

  22. javad pourhosaini

    so coooooooooooooooooool

  23. Karin L.

    Neat idea!!!

  24. Toto Winarno

    Smart office!

  25. joe beans

    im thinking only one thing…

    what if someone released a little gas…..

    haahahahahah office would smell for days

  26. Toasty O's

    I think Avatar must work in a cube. Sounds a little jealous, I know that I am. The only thing that would bother me would be the glare on my monitor.

  27. nine

    how about make it for students?? Lovely!!

  28. A Guy

    The roof is soo low, I would feel claustrophobic working in there.

  29. Ran Webber

    After reading some of the more dour comments I am realizing- “it truly takes all kinds and am I just glad I’m not one of them “I’m also hoping that my comment is as clever as Yogi Berra’s comment – “It’s like deja vu all over again”, also I’d like to respond generally to the sckeptical, suspicious, worrisome and paranoid flavor of many of the comments but to none in particular by saying “Where the hell is your breadth and depth of human experience, adventure, invention and curiosity guys? some folks just seem, from whatever fear based rationale, to be cut from very drab and narrow cloth. Am I smelling bland, adolescence, uncreative, boring suburban anti-intellectualism here. Are these people so cut off from nature that only undistinguishable, square box, suburban tract housing makes sense. Have the dwellers of these become cut off from creative ideas and become empty fearful shells with no souls? Their empty KMart psyches fearful of the sound of falling rain on glass, with fears and visions of floods, gas chamber volume farts, of biblical and apocalyptic proportions. Imagining that a trained architect would not know to plan for parking, lunch space and lavatories is just idiotic. I guess I’ve forgotten that generally the folks who have time to write comments like these are adolescent no brainers with little experience in the world and needing some place to express their childish nonsense. I am retired and have earned my chance to speak.

  30. Atavar

    @ toastyO, I suppose a factory is as much as a cube as any other tin box. :)

    @ Mr. Webber – Are you surprised when everything in life being 100% fantastic? I admire the design here but i also admire the design of the titanic. The fact that it didn’t function entirely as intended due to materials defects can’t be ignored. I like design and creative ideas, and that’s why i am here to look at them. I also appreciate bad things happen to those not prepared for them. As such perhaps i am looking at the items more from an engineers perspective than from a purely creative vent?

    I take it from your response that you have a lifetimes experience in design? How have your works been met by those who have to put them into production? Have you ever drawn up something that technology currently can’t put into reality? I apologise if this post appears to be confrontational, i don’t mean to be i am genuinely interested in the experience you have garnered to give you your earned chance to speak.

  31. ANNIE

    That is really cool. I go to other shops and everything, but I mean when I grow up I totally would so wanna work there!!!!!!!!

  32. Faye

    Where is the plumbing? And which is worse, an office with no washroom, or an office with no coffee? Oops, I guess one leads to the other doesn’t it?

  33. Justas

    it would be scary to work there at night :D

  34. windy

    nice :). i want to go there:)

  35. niyara


  36. Christina

    Love to be at work with nature as your view.

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