Trampoline Bridge

Trampoline Bridge

Inflatable bridge designed by AZC is equipped with large trampolines that allow people to bounce to the other side.

If the project gets approved, modern pedestrian bridge will be installed in Paris, France. Tourists and locals will jump across the Seine River.

Inflatable Trampoline Bridge

Inflatable Bridge

Inflatable Trampoline

Trampoline Bridge in Paris

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  1. Sharyn

    That looks like so much fun!

  2. gunneos

    better have good aim!

  3. LOL

    ill be jumping all day and will never actually get to the other side of the bridge lol

  4. g9Ukt

    Gosh!!! I wanna try it!!!

  5. Nisa Zul

    wanna try!!!

  6. nerd

    never gonna get approved

  7. KevinYellow

    Yup, fun but never going to be approved. I can already think of so many problems with this.

  8. Edward Martinez

    One mistake jump, its to the river I tell ya!
    How about a bridge like that in the Amazon River where crocodiles and piranhas live?

  9. Gert

    Yahhh… no. Bad idea.

  10. Erin

    Looks really unsafe but really fun!!

  11. Douglas

    If your intent is to cross the river you wouldn’t use this. This is more about having fun than getting somewhere.

  12. Shu-Hsuan


  13. Niyari

    my friend’s too much of an asshole and would double-bounce everyone off :/

  14. DDS

    Wow, is the river really that clear?

  15. Max

    I’m sure that babies, elderly, pets and the infirm don’t mind to bounce around from side to side. This plan is fail-proof, just you wait.

  16. Kelly

    YOU ALL are so lame! It will easily be approved because the people of europe are more flexible with things like this! Thats why there is zip lines in kindergarten playgrounds and dogs in resturants.

  17. Mirna Barker

    Sorry to be a party popper but, there’s bound to be accidents and injuries.

  18. lizz

    so many negative comments, this is a great innovative and fun idea. whether it gets approved or not its an awesome design.

  19. Julia

    This looks like amazing fun. Btw pretty sure you could do cultural profiling based on the types of reactions posted to such an idea.

  20. craig

    Will people ever get sick of building societies based on saftey? If you think it’s unsafe then go take the boring bridge :)

  21. Tim

    It would be inseine if you fell off!

  22. sherry

    Hope they have good insurance.

  23. katja

    Great fun! When will it ve approved?

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