Sculptures by Clementine Bal

Sculptures by Clementine Bal

Calming sculptures of meditating creatures remind people to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the world.

Talented artist Clémentine Bal creates sculptures that have a calming and meditative presence. Characters that are both fantastical and grounded.

Her sculptures have smooth lines, peaceful expressions, and gentle poses that make them look soft and calm.

Clementine Bal believes that everything has a spirit, so she puts faces on volcanoes, animals, and objects.

Beautiful sculptures inspired by manga, Miyazaki’s creatures, and cute little statues from Japan.

Sculptures by Clémentine Bal

Artist Clementine Bal

Artist Clémentine Bal

Clementine Bal Sculpture

Sculpture by Clementine Bal

Sculptor Clementine Bal

Clémentine Bal Sculpture

Clémentine Bal Sculptures

Sculptor Clémentine Bal

Clementine Bal Sculptures

Sculpture by Clémentine Bal

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