Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow

Modern pillow designed by Kawamura Ganjavian creates private environment that allows you to take warm and comfortable power naps.

Cool invention is a mixture of a blanket, pillow, bed, and clothing. [order]


Soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates your head and hands.

Nap Pillow

Now you can rest your mind and body without having to leave the desk.

Modern Pillow

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  1. Megan

    Perfect for university students! :)

  2. ben

    Awesome!!! I want one.

  3. Marianne

    Really nice, but how do you breathe?

  4. Bob

    what in lord’s name…

  5. J Jones

    Here lemme jus grab my Ostrich Pillow before we hit up the restaurant brb

  6. Lyndisenia

    I’m claustrophobic :0

  7. chelsea_fc

    Warming: may come with suffocation.

  8. Darrell

    @chelsea_fc Hahaha [Like Button!]

  9. Karen

    ive tried this, your gonna boil.

  10. RedBeardDog

    If you open a hole for your face, you can turn it into teletabbies halloween custome

  11. Name (required)

    I would suffocate >.< I cant even breathe with a blanket over my face, let alone this “pillow” lol.

  12. Veronica

    At least you’re comfortable while suffocating.

  13. Bob

    So this is for the emo goth kid in your life that can’t remember that the razor goes down the tracks not across the road right?

  14. HOSEIN


  15. Aggi

    It would be a stink trap after a month of heavy napping.

    That said, I would buy one for $20.

  16. Glenn Contreras

    Is this a pillow or a new torture machine?

  17. enav

    good idea to die suffocated

  18. farzane

    I Want Too :”(

  19. Jules

    It would be scary to look at someone inside that!

  20. Ashley Parlow

    WOW, I want one

  21. Shirley

    I like it, but the only thing that concerns me is how you’re supposed to breathe in that thing. Otherwise, it looks like it would work great for smacking someone for waking you up. =]

  22. gunneos

    imagine whipping that out in the library and putting it on! i had a good laugh, thanks toxel.

  23. MJ

    Is it true that ostrich bury their heads in sand?
    What if there wasn’t any table available? They should throw-in a table when you purchase this. lol

  24. Rahman

    good one tho.
    but its hard to breath i think..|
    x D

  25. Nelly

    who cares about breathing…I’m sold

  26. flarlo

    it reminds me of a giant uterus…like some kind of Freudian ‘return to the womb’ type thing.

  27. Rich

    Will this pillow actually be mass-produced and sold? If so, when and HOW can those interested be able to obtain one? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I WANT ONE!

  28. Nibeto

    For everyone asking how to breathe there is a mouth-noes hole :)

  29. Aygul

    Well OK there’s a hole, but you lay with your face down, so how the air is supposed to reach you?)
    really strange thing)

  30. Alice Diaz Wright

    Lemme out! Lemme out!

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