Hedgehog Vest Costume

Hedgehog Vest Costume

Costume vest with a hood designed to transform your child into a walking, talking, and remarkably cute hedgehog.

Hedgehog Vest Costume made by Divendi for Instagram photos, animal themed parties, Halloween, or any occasion in need of a spike in fun!

Crafted from soft fleece and foam needles, this cozy vest turns your little one into the life of the party.

Hedgehog needles are made from foam, so you can hug freely without turning into a real-life pincushion.

It’s like wearing a fluffy cloud of adorable with a hint of hedgehog hilarity.

Move over, superheroes! There’s a new hero in town: Hedgehog Vest Kid!

Hedgehog Vest by Divendi

Hedgehog Costume

Hedgehog Vest for Kids

Divendi Hedgehog Vest for Kids

Divendi Hedgehog Costume

Hedgehog Costume Vest

Hedgehog Costume for Kids

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