Knight Armor Hoodie

Knight Armor Hoodie

Creative hoodie designed by Chadwick Dillon looks like a protective armor.

Grey Knight Armored Hoodie is equipped with retractable face mask and visor hood that will protect you from bad weather.

Knight Armored Hoodie

Knight Armour Hoodie

Knight Armoured Hoodie

Knight Hoodie

Armor Hoodie

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  1. Douglas

    Why stop at head, shoulders and sleeves. Surely they could have done something with the main body. Seems a little incomplete. And how about some gloves.

    Tally Ho, lads.

  2. kadal

    i want this !!!!!

    and i want a sword !!

  3. Barrie G. Hall

    Poor lad can’t keep up with the orders. Seen this on another blog I fallow. Great work and a great idea. May have to take some of my armor patterns and make some hoodies.

  4. Lilia Smiles

    very awesome!

  5. MIke

    so i want one…how do i obtain it?

  6. Teresa


  7. Dominic

    I’m buying one!

  8. Rudy

    The wearer of such hoodie becomes an easy target for bullies. At the same time the hoodie would protect him somewhat. It softens some direct punches. I’m not a bully – just saying you look odd in this.

  9. Rob

    Forever Alone

  10. Caio Paiva

    How I can buy it!

  11. Barrie G. Hall

    @ MIke
    The artist has a shop on Esty

    It’s linked at the top section of the blog. But the hoodie is currently sold out.

  12. Gert

    Ok.. for those of you with the ‘forever alone’ and you will be the target of bullies…

    Let me explain something to you… while geeky guys do not generally get super models… they do get artsy and smart girls which overall, are far superior than getting someone who’s only attractiveness is their looks.

    Looks fade and frankly, as a girl, if I saw a guy in this I’d totally chat him up because that is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen.

    That guy doesn’t look odd, he looks epic. You WISH you had one to attract a hot geeky girl but you don’t. All you can do is sit there wishing you came up with something so cool.

  13. Skippy

    Boom Shakalaka! Tell ’em girl!

    Outstanding work and I am waiting with baited breath for your store to reopen!

  14. Real

    “… while geeky guys do not generally get super models… they do get artsy and smart girls which overall, are far superior than getting someone who’s only attractiveness is their looks.”

    Except artsy girls are basically just models without the looks. If they can’t get guys to admire tehir tits, they can at least make up for it with an ironic bird print right? Artists of both genders,(as opposed to “artsy girls”) recognise that modelling is also an art. Intelligent people (as opposed to “hot geeky girls) realise that sweeping inductive statements are a symptom of stupidity.


    Smart girls aren’t going to ‘chat a guy up’ because of the jumper he’s wearing.

    Even though it is a nice jumper and I want one.

  15. Jesse

    Thanks for standing up for nerds like me!

  16. tara

    if some 1 asked me out in that i would say yessssssssssssssssss

  17. herbie643

    A freaking hipster with a hoodie that looks like he’d be a badass.. Yeah right.

  18. Matt

    I would pay anything for this.

  19. Marco

    i want this !!!!!

    and i want a sword !!


  20. Arthur

    I AM KING!!

  21. Angel

    It protects you from loosing your virginity… just saying…

  22. BattlebornChick

    I want it i want it just cause im a girl dont mean i cant own it right :p i think its hot if a guys wears this! ;)

  23. Maseki

    to whom do you write the cheque to? I WANT ONE!

  24. Kelley

    I want this but with a dire wolf sigil on it. that would be bad ass to the maximoso

  25. drummerwillk

    Totally Awesome i want one how much $$$??

  26. ryan

    i would def rob a bank with this

  27. Commentor

    This guy needs to design patent this and manufacture it immediately!

  28. BrendaBrownie

    i want this!!!!!!

  29. George

    I also want this!!! This is a million dollar idea.
    Store is currently “away on holiday”

  30. HSR

    I want one… I want one!

  31. Jordan

    If you did another like it in white, with minor hood adjustments, you could easily make it an Assassin’s Creed hoodie

  32. Another Anonymous

    Its too bad that tray von martin wasnt wearing this hoodie when he died. he probably coulda taken the bullet.

  33. Cam

    I want one! So much freedom! Store hurry back from holidays.

  34. G

    I like it, and I’m quite indifferent about nerds vs supermodels and all that other malarkey, but here in England, wearing that on a night out in a city centre would definitely result in a damn good kicking. I still want one too though.

  35. Cody

    Keep checking back in desperate hopes that I can get one of these amazing things. Please tell me a second run is in the works…

  36. Trev

    i can’t believe how dumb some of you are. why care if someone picks on you? real armor is solid in the main body there doesn’t need to be anymore detail, and protecting ones virginity seems like a good thing to me, and something this sweatshirt would have nothing to do with. some of you are ridiculous people with no sense of imagination creativity or style. to the ones who like this work of art: rock on

  37. Trev

    and ps. i’m going to try and make my own :D i’m fairly confident that i can re-create it pretty well, when you break it down into shapes it doesnt look too hard plus i’m not waiting or spending a hundred dollars to have one. live well :)

  38. curt

    how do i get 1 and the knitted knights hat

  39. Aaron

    When will you have more of those knight hoodies in stock? I want one. Awesome design.

  40. :D

    I would better in this because it can cover my face.
    I was going to totally buy one but then the price is mind boggling.. never mind

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