Sleeping Bear Bean Bag

Sleeping Bear Bean Bag

Creative bean bag chair from Chic Sin looks like a sleeping grizzly bear.

The graphics on the bean bag were knitted, not printed. Bear shaped bean bag cover can be taken off for washing.

Bear Beanbag

Bear Chair

Bear Beanbag Chair

Bear Bag

Bear Bean Bag

If you like bear inspired designs, check out: Bear Sleeping Bag

  1. Julie

    I’d just cuddle it and cuddle it and cuddle it.

  2. anonymous194

    It looks dead. But in a good way?

  3. Darrell

    Hahaha That actually looks kinda real from a distance. This is super funny. XD

  4. enav

    nice. i want one

  5. Aerwhyn

    Don’t poke the sleeping bear!

  6. Dominic Humphry

    Can they create other animals? Don’t know if i want a bear in my house lol

  7. Jorge


  8. chedie

    This is so huggable!!!

  9. Doc

    I like this! can it be in Panda form?

  10. Larna

    Looks too big and uncomfortable though.
    Unless its panda bear, more likable..muahahah

  11. Koi Koi

    Looks kind of morbid when you sit it on.

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