Coffin Couch by Von Erickson

Coffin Couch by Von Erickson

Unique sofa with distinctive silhouette resembling classic coffin design is a statement piece that challenges traditional furniture norms.

The Coffin Couch designed by Von Erickson provides heavenly relaxation.

Made out of finest wood, resilient metal springs, plush foam, and decorated with luxurious fabric.

Sink into velvet-covered cushion, supported by classic spring construction, and experience a slice of heaven right in your living room.

When closed, the couch looks like a real coffin. Unleash your inner goth.

Embrace the comfort of the beyond with Coffin Couch. Because, why wait for the afterlife to be comfortable?

Coffin Sofa

VonErickson Coffin Couch

Coffin Couch

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