Game Boy Wooden Tray

Game Boy Wooden Tray

Video game inspired tray made out of wood features an outline of Nintendo‘s 8-bit handheld console Game Boy.

Game Boy Wooden Tray handcrafted by CJWoodworkDesigns is a great homage to the golden era of handheld gaming consoles.

Useful tray for video game controllers, collectibles, or storing small items.

Choose from two stain options: “Classic Red Oak” for a warm, traditional look or “Sophisticated Grey” for a modern, cool finish.

Available in two size variants: the large tray created for the game room and the small variant to add some gaming charm to your home.

Keep your essentials like keys, wallet, and jewelry neatly organized in the Game Boy Tray that celebrates your passion for classic gaming.

GameBoy Wooden Tray

Nintendo Game Boy Tray

Nintendo GameBoy Tray

Nintendo GameBoy Wooden Tray

Nintendo Game Boy Wooden Tray

GameBoy Tray

Game Boy Tray

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