Reading Tray

Reading Tray

Innovative food tray designed for multitasking people who love to read while they drink their morning coffee and eat delicious breakfast cereal.

“Reading Tray” created by Yu-Hun Kim features transparent body and useful holder for your favorite book, newspaper, or magazine.

Easy to hold with only one hand. Provides great protection from spills.

Multitasking tray is perfect for eating breakfast and reading in bed.

Read While You Eat

Reading Tray by Yu-Hun Kim

Yu-Hun Kim

YuHun Kim

Reading Food Tray

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  1. Julia

    I think it is not that convenient if you read fast, and need to turn pages frequently.

  2. aladeen

    it took time to flip the page

  3. gunneos

    seems like it’ll take much more of an effort to flip the page.

  4. Megan

    Select one article and read it while you eat breakfast.

    No need to turn the page. Nice invention!

  5. Betty


  6. Gert

    It’s a magazine. You’re going to throw it away when you are done…. who cares if you get crumbs on it? lol

  7. Fillibert

    apparently some of us are really really busy people who don’t even have time to read other people’s comments and thus would find it inconvenient to turn pages as it takes too long

  8. Captain America

    But whats wrong with the reading paper on one side of the table and having your food on the other side? I guess I see a point though it’s a bit of a waste of plastic in my view..

  9. Swiper Fox

    What an inconvenient way to read: 1) having food and drink above the reading material, blocking what you are reading; 2)removing and returning the tray above the reading material every time you finish reading the two pages; 3) precariously balancing the tray on one hand as you read while using the other hand to pick up food and drink, may tend to topple down and get a mess afterwards.

    Its easier to read the material using one hand as you sit by the table and using the other hand to pick up food; also to easier to flip the pages as well.

  10. Icelandic

    That’s one messy eater!

  11. Carlos

    It is nice. Actually what we get in our trays are advertising and I rather an article of the local newspaper.

    What would be amazing is to use tablets as trays! you can add protection to the screen and that’s it.

  12. Jeo

    I guess I don’t like this as much because its reducing the normal way of how people eat while reading. I guess it proves to be helpful on a single article but it really isn’t necessary.

  13. Anna

    It’s a nice invention for my dad: he always uses more than 2 cookbooks so this way he can stack them without closing them or damaging them and still have all of them open on the right page :) And if you are a bit creative you can also just shove a laptop in there when you want to watch a movie without crumbling chips on your keyboard ^^ I think It’s a great invention but maybe not suited for every household.

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