Wood Chair by Joyce Lin

Wood Chair by Joyce Lin

Unique chair appears as though it was cut out straight from a tree trunk taps into the beauty of nature, evoking a sense of organic authenticity.

Wood Chair by Joyce Lin resembling a slice of a tree trunk, is visually striking and unconventional, making it stand out in any setting.

Incorporating a mix of materials such as oil paint, epoxy clay, and plywood, Joyce Lin’s creation showcases her fascination with the interplay between natural elements and human manipulation.

By using organic materials like wood alongside synthetic substances such as resins, Joyce Lin delves into themes of connection and disconnection, questioning the truth behind appearances.

Wood Chair serves as both functional piece and fine art sculpture, inviting viewers to ponder the paradoxes of our relationship with the environment and the manufactured world.

Through creative work, Joyce Lin explores the complexities of our modern industrialized society, where the boundaries between the natural and artificial are blurred.

Joyce Lin Wood Chair

Wood Chair

Wooden Chair by Joyce Lin

Joyce Lin Wood

Joyce Lin Chair

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