3D Pavement Art by Edgar Mueller

3D Pavement Art by Edgar Mueller

Edgar Mueller is a German artist who creates incredible 3d pavement art using the street as his canvas.

He paints over large areas of urban public life and gives them a new appearance, thereby challenging the perceptions of passers-by.

3D Ice Age in Ireland

3D Ice Age in Ireland

3D Lava Burst in Germany

3D Lava Burst in Germany

3D Mysterious Cave in London

3D Mysterious Cave in London

3D Waterfall in Canada

3D Waterfall in Canada

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  1. Mike Hawke

    This guys rules. I’m glad these are new photos!

  2. sean

    W O W ! ! ! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!

  3. Dave

    this is the most incredible thing i have ever seen!

  4. Chicago Garden

    The lava one is the most awesome, IMO.

  5. me

    coool how long would that take…

  6. Riddhi

    Amazin work..!!

  7. KitsuneCC

    Wow this is amazing =0 almost unbelievable.

  8. Chris

    I think I would crap my pants. :))

  9. sawara

    Type his name on youtube you will find good video

  10. Betty Cires

    a great painter! He knows how working with perfection the effect of perspective!

  11. Denis

    This is great! Great creative art! Fantastic work!
    I’d love to see the artist at work!

  12. Karin L. Stewart

    His talent and creativity are nothing short of genius! I’m afraid since it is just street art he will not be listed with the great artists of our time, tho. He is NONE the less talented!

  13. Diego

    Just one word: amazing!

  14. itsbrandnew

    These are really awesome!

  15. Nemo

    This is WONDERFUL!

  16. arslion

    wow cool!

    Watch this video by Edgar Muller

  17. insaner


  18. Elena

    In this pictures we can see the image only from one perspective. I wonder if it is much changed when you see it from other angles…or is it just a perfect picture taken… Anyway, it rocks !

  19. Shameister

    I wish to see one myself!

  20. amanhem

    amazing art works!

  21. Guus

    Art is in tthe street of the beholder

  22. Pablinho

    Amazing art work !!!

  23. Relaby

    very very smart…luv it… c”,)

  24. henk de vries


    but i would like to have some pictures from another angle: then it would be easier to believe….

  25. losja

    I wonder if the paint looks same for any perspective?

  26. Ders

    I’ve never seen anything on this scale before!! I wonder if you subconsciously avoid the “drops” as you’re walking on it!!

  27. vivian


  28. kynan

    incredible! use your art my friend, use your art

  29. julianyeo

    wow awesome

  30. alay

    simply amazing he has such an amazing talent.

  31. mohammed glal

    awesome !!

  32. rebecca

    this is impecable , i cannot believe my eyes. amazing artwork, takes real talent to achieve this masterpiece. im am very impressed , love you guys :)

  33. Mia

    That last one, the waterfall in Canada. Breathtaking. Bring me there, I need to be there.

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