Floating Up House on Airbnb

Floating Up House on Airbnb

Iconic house from Pixar’s animated movie UP, suspended in the air by a crane and thousands of balloons, is now open for bookings on Airbnb.

Carl and Ellie’s cherished home has been brought to life to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this heartwarming film.

Floating UP House in Abiquiu, New Mexico is available for rent on Airbnb.

Ever dreamed of staying in a house that floats in the sky? Now you can!

Up House on Airbnb

Experience the magic of the beloved film “Up” firsthand by staying in the cool house featured in the movie.

Floating Up House

From wilderness excursions to stargazing sessions, staying at the Up House is an adventure-filled experience that promises excitement at every turn.

Balloon Up House

Up House is a floating testament to love, dreams, and the spirit of adventure.

Balloon Up House on Airbnb

Beautiful décor is inspired by the adventurous spirit of Carl and Ellie, with touches of rustic charm and vintage flair throughout.

Airbnb Floating Up House

As Carl’s guest, you’ll have the chance to earn your own Explorer badges through mini adventures, just like the Junior Wilderness Explorers in the film.

Up House in New Mexico

From exploring the house to participating in fun adventures, guests are actively engaged in creating their own memorable moments.

Airbnb Balloon Up House

As a guest at the Up House, you become part of a limited and exclusive group who have had the privilege of experiencing this unique Airbnb listing.

Up House in Abiquiu New Mexico

Suspended in the air by a crane and surrounded by 8,000 balloons, it’s a dream come true for movie lovers.

Up House in Abiquiu

Step into the enchanting world of “Up” and stay in the house that captured hearts around the globe.

Pixar Up House on Airbnb

Floating Up House taps into the nostalgia of the beloved animated film “Up,” resonating with millions of people who have fond memories of the movie.

Up House

By bringing this iconic house to life, Airbnb capitalizes on emotional connection, making it an irresistible destination for fans.

Real Life Up House

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of “Up” with a stay at the Real Up House!

Airbnb Up House

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