Rubber Band Portraits

Rubber Band Portraits

Creative portraits of musicians from different bands captured by Albuquerque based photographer Wes Naman.

The faces of band members were distorted using elastic rubber bands.

Rubber Band Portrait

Rubber Band Photo Series

Rubber Band Face

Rubber Band Portraits by Wes Naman

Rubber Band Series

Rubber Band Project

Rubber Band Photography

Rubber Band Faces

Rubber Band Photos

Rubber Band Photo

Rubber Band Project by Wes Naman

Rubber Band Project

Wes Naman

Wes Naman Photography

Photographer Wes Naman

Rubber Band Photography by Wes Naman

Rubber Band Series by Wes Naman

Naman Photography

Rubber Band Portrait by Wes Naman

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  1. Captain America

    Didn’t Jim Carrey in Yes Man do this but with tape?

  2. Betty

    oh my! These models are very good sports.

  3. Douglas


  4. Payaam

    It hurts :| :D

  5. gunneos

    Didn’t Sia do it in her Buttons MTV?

  6. Ru

    these made me feel incredibly uncomfortable- itchy tight face ew ew ew!

  7. ruth

    great idea. love it!

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