Alskar Chair by Cassily Zhao

Alskar Chair by Cassily Zhao

Inspired by green leaves and flower petals, unique chair brings the serenity of the outdoors and beauty of nature into your home.

The Alskar Chair designed by Cassily Zhao embodies the true essence of nature through its look and physical form.

Cool shape of the back and seat mirrors the elegance of leaves and petals, wrapping, overlapping, and intersecting gracefully.

The base of the chair, resembling a nest, cradles these elements, providing users with a profound sense of belonging and security.

Alskar Chair

The chair’s smooth curves and rounded edges are designed for ergonomic comfort, making it a perfect spot for relaxation or reading.

Flower Chair

Alskar Chair’s design evokes feelings of peace, security, and belonging for maximum physical comfort and emotional well-being.

Cassily Zhao Alskar

The Alskar Chair by Cassily Zhao draws inspiration from the natural world, specifically the forms of leaves and petals.

Flower Petal Chair

Timeless appeal of nature-inspired design ensures that the Alskar Chair will remain stylish and relevant, even as trends change.

Flower Leaf Chair

In an age where technology dominates, bringing elements of nature into your home provides a refreshing balance.

Cassily Zhao Alskar Chair

Alskar Chair by Cassily Zhao combines organic shapes and natural inspiration to create a piece of furniture that is beautiful, creative, and comfortable.

Alskar by Cassily Zhao

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