Flower Lamp

Flower Lamp

Designed by three Norwegian designers Marianne Varmo, Heidi Buene, and Audun Kollstad, Lull is a lamp that opens and closes like a flower.

In the morning, the lamp opens carefully and dims up to gently wake you up.

In the evening, the flower slowly closes and eventually turns off.

Lull Flower Lamp Concept 2

Lull Flower Lamp Concept

Lull Flower Lamp Concept 3

Lull Flower Lamp Concept 4

Lull Flower Lamp Concept 5

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  1. loverfaceex482

    this is cool :D

  2. Michael

    It is cool… but a lighting fixture is usually needed more in the evening is it not… Does it have an override ‘switch’?

  3. sunrainet

    Excellent originality, the best night can automatically shut off lights, then slowly open in the morning,To reduce carbon emissions!^_^

  4. TaKo

    wanna have one :)))

  5. OI Web Designer

    just wanna to say, CREATIVE

  6. Jaqi Mugo

    I prefer light to an alarm to wake me up – pretty!

  7. Eric J

    Creepy! It looks like a giant spider!!!

  8. Liza Mae

    I don’t see the point of this for the morning when the sun is beaming through your window. This is great if you live in the basement, work early mornings, or live in a place where sunrises late like Iceland or Canada in winter.

  9. Cobhlaaaaaaaith

    omg! this is amazing! i wwaaaaaannnnnnnnt! XD

  10. Annie

    Is this item out yet? Wonder where to buy one.

  11. Michael

    Wonderful idea.

    Is this item in production yet? If so, where can i purchase one ?


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