Smallest USB Flash Drive in the World

Smallest USB Flash Drive

Pico USB Flash Drive is the smallest USB Flash Drive in the world.

– 8 gigs, yet the size of your fingertip
– 31.3mm x 12.4mm x 3.4mm
– Polished Chrome finish
– Shock and water resistant
– 200x speed, 30MB/second
– Mac, Windows, and Linux compatible

Smallest USB Flash Drive in the World 2

Smallest USB Flash Drive in the World

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  1. Jeow

    I have a 4gb Sony Microvault which is just as small, or smaller.

    YOU LIE!

  2. none

    The sony microvault is shite compared to this one, write/read speeds, materials quality, etc. Anything smaller than this is useless as it becomes harder to handle.

  3. JImm yd

    Wow, that is prety slick! I like it. I still prefer the MIcro SD chip.

  4. jaja

    Jeow is right – the Sony ones are indeed smaller.
    And sorry, “none”, 1. they work, and 2. your presentation was solely about size, NOT performance and now that you’re proven wrong, you change the rule and fall back on a debatable performance flaw.

  5. kipas

    too small is not always good

  6. Ken

    Amazingly small. But I always afraid of small devices. They’re easily lost and can’t find them easily because my room is too messy. ;p

  7. Vincent

    The Patriot X-Mini 8GB is pretty much the same size and runs for about the same price. It has a nice rubberized enclosure, which makes it easy to handle. They are available at

  8. Enrico Foschi

    Why is everybody challenging everybody else for the smallest thing :D?

  9. Darin

    Seriously, I own very large flash drive. Very fat, and very thick. It also has a polished finish, and it’s definitely water resistant. When I was younger I owned a 6GB one, but I felt as if that wasn’t large enough, because like all men, I was self conscious about my hard-drive size. Luckily, as I got older, I was able to achieve an 8GB flash drive size, that I’m pretty sure is above average. I’ve very proud of it, and while it’s not nearly as small as this one is, and it’s not as fast, many people have told me that these can often me taken as negatives.

  10. Jilly

    It’s just 1/4 of my Usb flash drive. I am fond of this.

  11. mike

    Nice, I should buy one for myself.

  12. carl

    No, it is not the smallest.

    OCZ Roadster was the smallest and still is based on size.

    So on memory size it is not a contender. However; I can leave this in my laptop and not worry about it getting bumped off when I stuff my laptop in a bag.

  13. you dunno meh

    jeez.. it’s so small that can be easly lost -.-‘
    thats’s what they want! smaller, easyer to loose and then you have to buy another.. and then you lose it again and you buy another ITS A VICIOUS CYCLE!!!


    i’d buy it though!

  14. tracy

    What’s the point of making it so small?

  15. chupap

    I have one of these Pico drives, and the small size is actually a relevant factor for me. It lives on my keychain and is all but invisible until I need it, whereas even a slightly larger form factor used to dominate my keyring and get in the way (and anything with a cap means it will eventually disappear). Those Sony Microvault look similar, but they don’t appear to have the ability to hang on a keyring?

  16. Szilard

    I have an Corsair flash drive (mini). The electonical part of this flash (this part is also water-resistant) is 26/12/2 mm. So, this is smaller too, than the Pico. And a nichel-crome part can incrase it’s size with 0,2 mm on each part, so with 0,4 mmm. In this way is it smaller too.

  17. Manoj

    i want to know more

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