Coffin Shaped Cigarette Packaging

Coffin Shaped Cigarette Packaging

Creative cigarette packaging designed to encourage people to quit smoking.

The Last Cigarette

Cigarette packaging, designed by Didac Catalán, houses one cigarette and one match inside a small coffin shaped box.

The Last Cigarette

Last Cigarette

Casket Shaped Cigarette Packaging

Antismoke Pack

Coffin inspired cigarette packaging designed by R.J. Reynolds.

Casket Cigarette Packaging

Coffin Cigarette Packaging

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  1. Arun Basil Lal

    LOL. So what message does that convey? – Smoking Kills or Rising from the Dead? :D

  2. Simplicity??

    As actual cigarette packaging, these designs obviously would not work. However, as part of an anti-smoking campaign, these would be great!

  3. thatisocool

    haha, very nice… :)

  4. Blaine

    the last cigarette one is great. Some people quit but carry, so if that was your last one, every time you went to smoke it you would be reminded of your vow.

  5. Roland

    Just WOW :) It’s awesome and would be perfect for anti-smoking campaign. It’s sad, that so many people smoke. And the worst is that they smoke on streets, on bus stops and everybody have to breathe this smoked air…

  6. Gonzo

    Great! I want it! (and I don’t smoke… :) )

  7. Toyama

    Great for an anti-smoke campaign, bad for packaging that’s actually selling them LoL

  8. aBogdan

    Neah… I won’t make me stop smoking… but they look so funny :)

  9. Tony

    @ Roland,
    I recently quit smoking…and I have to say…get over it man.
    Public spaces are public and people can do what they want.
    If you don’t want to breathe it, Move.

  10. Bernd

    @ Tony

    That is like forcing your neighbors to move, while you keep on trashing their garden.

    Nice product.. Still it won’t work for quitting.. To smoke or not to isn’t a choice like buying Pepsi or Coca Cola.

  11. carlos

    Tony – That’s why I urinate on smokers…. ’cause in public people can do whatever they want…..

  12. zak

    You guys need to wake up! Smoking is a disease. The message is accept the death that will happen to you or someone close to you, because the addiction that comes with smoking has a death grip. The coffin symbolizes your finale resting place regardless of how you die, but the choice to smoke is the acceptance of truth that your no longer in control unless you have a death wish in witch case you will find the coffin very accommodating:)

  13. Luis

    If i could breathe smoke i would. Smoke em down to the brown. I’m gonna die anyway, so might as well leave a young good looking corpse.

  14. Travis

    Seriously. Anti-Smokers have gone too far. Smoking cigarettes is a personal choice. I smoke everyday knowing that I will get Cancer. My aunt died of cancer, my grandfather too. But I will not stop smoking until I want too. Its bad enough were kicked outside now and we can’t smoke indoors. We also have to deal with anti-smokers treating us like criminals.
    Everybody has their vices, some of us drink, some of us smoke. Some of us eat fast food, some of us buy things we can’t afford. Either way treat us like people and respect our choices.

  15. John

    You almost hit it there Travis.

    Because drinking, eating too much fastfood and taking loans are all fine indeed. So is listening to music. Up to the point where these ‘choices’ become not a personal problem, but a problem of society. If you get cancer, you cost money. If you smoke, you’re disturbing others with it. Then it becomes your choice, with concequences for everybody. And if we’re all involved, we all get to have an opinion. Don’t bother others, and they won’t bother you.

    On the ads, thumbs up!

  16. zak

    Anti-smokers… I smoke a dutch master and enjoy a shot of my favorite poison of choice and I can truly say that I don’t advocate anti-smoking, but to the contrary I do think like john that smoking does not just affect the smoker, it affects the people closest to us. It’s a difference that matters in this “free country” of mine that we can do what we want. It’s also a difference when this country wises up and maybe sticks its nose in our personal lives a little more and more, but only cause this world isn’t so big anymore and what we do a billion or so or more others will do also that affects us all. With that said there is a time and a place for smoking and its not in front of the emergency ward at the hospital, cause we all know that carcinogens are in those coffins nails they call cigarettes:) It’s not so chique anymore to be a smoker and thats what us smokers need to realize. Out with the old and in with the new.

  17. gb


    Unfortunately, people who usually smoke look older than their age.

  18. james

    wish they offered the white coffin pack to buy. lol worthy

  19. ryan

    from where can i buy a coffin that holds a whole pack

  20. Coronadilu

    Where can I buy this coffin case?

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