Sorapot Unique Modern Teapot

Modern Teapot

Sorapot unique modern teapot for your kitchen designed by Joey Roth.

It is made from investment-cast stainless steel, borosilicate glass (Pyrex), and food-grade silicone.

Sorapot’s architectural shape and simple functionality bring tea’s quiet beauty into sharp focus.

Sorapot Modern Teapot 2

Sorapot Modern Teapot 3

Capacity: 11 oz, just enough for two cups of tea.
Dimensions: 8″L x 6″H x 5″W

Sorapot Modern Teapot 4

Sorapot Modern Teapot 5

Sorapot Modern Teapot 6

Sorapot’s Packaging

Sorapot Modern Teapot 7

Sorapot Modern Teapot 8

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  1. hex

    o_O A $200 teapot? Whoa. It’s got a great design, but I can’t afford that. lols…

  2. Joel Barish

    Great design; I’d buy one if it was less than $100.

  3. L.T.

    Very cool. If I had money for a $200 teapot, this is the one I would get. Might even be worth starting to drink tea.

  4. C.L


    1. It makes one maybe two cups of tea
    2. It doesn’t stand up on its own to fill
    3. You have to put hot water in it, like you would with a cup and a tea bag.
    4. You have to disassemble it to put tea in it. There is this cool invention on other teapots, a lid.
    5. It costs 200 bucks!?!?!?!

  5. Murat Yilmaz

    I would like to take this chance and concur with C.L. The capacity possibilities are not pleasing if you take the price in account. The absence of a lid makes it rather useless as a teapot, chiefly due to the impossibility to add more tea to the pot without taking the headcompartment -which technically is a lid, but too much work for most of the people ; that would rather relax than holding something in balance to put some tea in it- off. All by all it’s a great design, , the simplicity of the roundings makes the entire tea pot aesthetically pleasing ; the price > advantages ratio is just not appropriate.

  6. alex

    Nice design but its too complex for tea. I could imagine using it for a tea party as a conversation piece but its low capacity and complex assembly is a draw back, by what I can see what is the advantage of this pot? It doesnt seem to have a steeping lever also, is this meant for generic tea? If so thats a high price for a tea bag.

    P.S a lid would be nice.

  7. Vladimere

    Yes, that is the most retarded tea pot I have ever seen. Can this even make tea? It has no press as alex mentioned, and the lack of a lid doesnt allow you to agitate due to spilage. Most of the images on the site show very large ammounts of herbs being used to make a single pot. It is hard to set up, also with no way of activating the release from the herbs the tea must be flat or take very long to brew.

    P.S 200 Dollars! I have and italian esspresso maker that didnt cost that much.

  8. Vladimere

    P.P.S Nice packaging! Tho I dont get the concept of a futuristic pot with vintage packaging.

  9. SaintSebastian

    what a selfish teapot… and $200…

  10. kirtasiye

    excellent …!

  11. ingilizce

    very beatiful :D

  12. baba

    P.P.S Nice packaging! Tho I dont get the concept of a futuristic pot with vintage packaging.

  13. gazeteci


  14. tecnomaniac

    very nice

  15. tracy

    i’ve seen similar teapots that are cheaper but not as pretty looking.

  16. Russell Uresti

    Very aesthetically pleasing, but poor on functionality.

    As stated by others, the loading of the tea is far too complicated. It would be better if the back side of the tea pot simple had a compartment that either slid open or unscrewed so you could load the tea into the back.

    The capacity may also be a problem, though that could be fixed if it came in various sizes that served, say, 1, 2, 4, and 8 cups of tea.

    However, as a pretty avid hot tea drinker, the largest problem I see with this pot is actually this: unless you pour all the tea out at once, it will continue to steep and what’s left inside the container will become very bitter. It needs a way to separate the brewed tea from the leaves.

    This is one of those cases with beautiful design, but rather poor UX. It’s obvious the goal of this design was “How can we make a tea pot beautiful?” and not “What can we do to enhance the joy the drinking tea?”

  17. Stranger

    i agree with CL i mean cmon $200 for a teapot where you will spill tea on it and it will get ruined !

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