Floating Hotel

Floating Hotel

Luxury cruise ship with 16 modern hotel rooms allows people to safely and comfortably travel along the Amazon river in Peru.

Designed by Peruvian architect Jordi Puig, custom built floating hotel has comfortable lounge, outdoor jacuzzi, exercise room, and a restaurant.

Air-conditioned rooms with large windows offer breathtaking panoramic views of beautiful Amazon rainforest.

Hotel on Water

Hotel Ship

Luxury Ship

Ship Deck

Floating Bedroom

Floating Restaurant

Floating Lounge

Floating Hotel Room

Floating Gym

Water Hotel

MV Aria Luxury Cruise Ship

Luxury Cruise Ship

MV Aria Cruise Ship

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  1. Dael


  2. Diego

    it has to be very expensive :O but i wanna go!

  3. Lilia Smiles

    Costs a fortune but looks amazing!! I would love to go on that! Do they make any stops along the river?

  4. MasterOche

    It’s a CRUISE, dam!!

  5. Gert

    Nothing to see here. It’s a cruise ship, and not even an especially pretty one.

  6. Dax

    the only problem is that it’s in the amazon. no reason for me to go there.

  7. Douglas

    Didn’t you see Anaconda!

  8. gunneos

    as close as it gets to ‘order amongst chaos’. want.

  9. Koizora

    I live in PerĂº, im definetly gonna spend a night there ;)

  10. The Hooded Claw

    That is excellent, and being black and wood it blends in better than the usual white barges.

  11. Michael Chadd

    Eco tourism for the one percent. I guess it could be worse, if the people on the floating hotel room boat stay on the boat and don’t go out into the rainforest.
    As long as the boat does not allow any pollution to go into the river. As long as the animals and plants of the rainforest are not molested. As long as this floating hotel is willing to share some of it’s profits to benefit the preservation of the rainforest and the indigenous people then it might be a positive thing, maybe.

  12. Dominic

    Gawd Daym… when do i cruise…

  13. putri

    wow!!!!!!! i want to go there right now!!!!

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