Amazing Sculptures Made of Paper

Amazing Sculptures Made of Paper

Allen and Patty Eckman have been creating incredible paper sculptures since 1987. This post showcases some of their breathtaking creations.

The artists first cast paper pulp into clay molds and apply vacuum pressure to remove the water. Then the casts are removed from the molds and the long process of sculpting in paper and detailing begins.

Pawnee Prince

Pawnee Prince

Little Eagle Dancing

Little Eagle Dancing

Northwest Trackers

Northwest Trackers

The Baby Sitter

The Baby Sitter

The Way

The Way

Osage Bow and the Buffalo

Osage Bow and the Buffalo

Powwow Practice

Powwow Practice

To Save One

To Save One

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  1. m0r4n1


  2. Nemo

    Just amazing…

  3. Alberto

    Apart from “western” theme, nothing else?

  4. Jani


  5. kama

    it’s something incredible

  6. chazzzz

    amazing, just amazing …

  7. M@rtin

    It’s even more amazing when you find out that some of these are lifesize and still made out of just paper

  8. Art of Concept

    Truly amazing! Very nicely done, they look beautiful!

  9. Ben

    Amazing, that’s the word!

  10. Allela


  11. Karin L.


  12. AJ

    WOW! The Osage Bow and the Buffalo is sooo perfect!

  13. syafiq

    the maker must be a god of paper

  14. 4MIN

    Super. It would like to know how is it done?

  15. Tara McKenzie

    i could do better

  16. srivaths

    wow!! now thats real talent. my fav is The Way

  17. David Nicklas

    oh man i would love to light one of those bad boys on fire.

  18. arabian

    :) great

  19. gunneos

    amazing, a neat collection! but isn’t that paper mache or something? there ought to be another post with true one-dimensional paper, there are some very neat ones out there.

  20. Jennifer

    thats just awesomee :D

  21. Stephen

    It’s only a model…

  22. ChEeSe

    how do they do that????

  23. Pepper


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