Collection of Cool Umbrella Designs

Cool Umbrella Designs

Today we showcase our favorite examples of creative umbrella designs.

Electric Umbrella

The Electric Umbrella will glow with many pinpoints of light. Carry the sun and the stars with you at night! Perfect for night-time strolls through the countryside or just being silly. And it’s dimmer adjustable so you can set how bright you want to be – anywhere from dim ambient light for strolling in the dark to carrying your own portable supernova beacon of light!

Electric Umbrella

Electric Umbrella 2

Tandem Umbrella

An umbrella built for two.

Tandem Umbrella

Plumo Pearlised Umbrella

Pagoda shaped umbrella in a slightly shimmering, light taupe colour with shiny black handle and long tassel. Suitable for rain and sun.

Plumo Pearlised Umbrella

Lightsaber Umbrella

Cool umbrella for any Star Wars fan.

Lightsaber Umbrella

Lightsaber Umbrella 2

Lightsaber Umbrella 3

Polite Umbrella

Polite Umbrella is a shrinkable umbrella that enables users to morph its shape in order to reduce occupied space and to increase user maneuverability. Users can easily adjust their umbrellas anytime by pulling a handle so that they can protect themselves from harsh winds or bumping into others.

Polite Umbrella

Polite Umbrella 2

Polite Umbrella 3

Monopoly Umbrella

Monopoly Deluxe ‘Walker’ Umbrella or Monopoly Mini Folding Umbrella.

Monopoly Umbrella

Monopoly Umbrella 2

The Brelli Umbrella

The World’s first 100% biodegradable umbrella, made with a unique biodegradable plastic canopy and bamboo.

The Brelli Umbrella

The Brelli Umbrella 2

Umbuster Umbrella

The Umbuster is an Umbrella with an ergonomically positioned knuckle duster handle configuration.

Umbuster Umbrella

Pileus The Internet Umbrella

Pileus is an umbrella connected to the Internet to make walking in rainy days fun. Pileus has a large screen on the top surface, a built-in camera, a motion sensor, GPS, and a digital compass, and it provides two main functions; A Social Photo-sharing and A 3D Map Navigation.

Pileus The Internet Umbrella

Collection of Cool Umbrella Designs

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  1. Alexius G

    interesting concept with the pileus…but honestly, is it such a great idea to walk across the street staring into your umbrella’s computer screen? slightly distracting, I would think…Otherwise these are all very creative and I love the shrinking,electric and tandem umbrelas – but I wonder how you close the tandem umbrella?!!

  2. David Mear

    The Brelli is hardly the World’s First 100% biodegradable umbrella. People were making umbrellas out of natural materials long before the modern metal and plastic ones were around.

    That said, it is probably the first 100% biodegradable umbrella that you can sell to people for $62.

  3. Phelyan

    Those “Star Wars” umbrellas look very much like the ones seen in Blade Runner…

  4. saeed shafipour


  5. yomi sopein

    Are they for runway or rain,i pray they can wealther the storm…anyway,in terms of creative and design they KINKY.

    mail me,if you

  6. Daniel

    Probably the most interesting one I’ve seen is the one linked below.
    Called: F**K the rain:

  7. hector

    Amazings things!

  8. Kina

    It proves that as long as there is some kind of surface, there is the internet. This may come in handy where it rains all the time. And there are places like that. Very distracting too. It makes me think of that Wall-E movie where everybody is fat in the future and they ride around in air chairs with the internet displayed right in front of their faces on a see-through surface.

    As for me, it’s not of much use. I never use an umbrella.

  9. Kina

    To Daniel above,

    I’ve seen that umbrella online before. It looks like you’re giving God the finger.

  10. julesandrebrown


  11. alex

    when i think of the rain i think of lighting, is it really that wise to have an umbrella with electricity on/in it? they are all very clever i love ther tandem one its very cute, and the lightsaber one. good post

  12. sankofa

    Where can you have you’re own umbrella made?

  13. cumakreatif


  14. marymary

    what about an umbrella that uses the same shape as the polite umbrella but with a clear plastic screen so you can see? :)

  15. marymary

    also i would fight people in the street with my lightsaber umbrella…
    they might be banned :(

  16. canan

    Umbuster Umbrella is good for young girls
    in the night when they are along walking in the dark

  17. emma

    i think the one for couples is a cute idea, but what if there’s a huge height difference? (:|

  18. Rhonda Jones

    Do you have regular umbrellas with piano keys on them?

  19. robin081

    loved them!!!!!!!!!1

  20. ChEeSe

    these are super useful, helpful, pretty and the internet one would be fun!!

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