10 Creative and Unusual Knives

10 Creative and Unusual Knives

The most unusual modern knives and creative knife designs that will spice up anyone’s knife collection.

Scissor Knife

Inspired by scissors, this cool knife is made from black plated steel.

Scissor Knife

Manticuda Knife

With multi-faceted edge design this knife gives the user more cutting angles than standard configured knives.

Manticuda Knife

NeoLithic Knives

Unusual knives inspired by the shape of Stone Age tools for a more basic approach to chopping, cutting, scraping, mincing and scooping.

NeoLithic Knives

Belt Knife

Tactical belt knife system features stainless steel combo blade knife to give you the upper hand in self defense situations.

Belt Knife

Pen Knives

These handy knives are functional ink pens. Just twist the handle to extend the pen point, or pull apart to reveal the blade.

Pen Knives

Shark Knife

Extremely dangerous looking shark inspired edged weapon.

Shark Knife

Lipstick Knife

Take off the cap and twist to expose a 1 1/4″ serrated knife blade.

Lipstick Knife

Evidence Knife

Bloody kitchen knife is gift-boxed with the official evidence tag.

Evidence Knife

Dive Utility Knife

Made from a single piece of CPM S110V for extreme corrosion resistance and toughness in waterborne environments.

Dive Utility Knife

Key Shaped Pocket Knife

Barely larger than an ordinary key, this creative pocket knife will look great on your keychain.

Key Shaped Pocket Knife

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  1. unDave™

    That’s awesome! Even practical, some of those.

    -by unDave™

  2. ajayjshah

    That shark knife thing looks quite ridiculous. I rather take my chances with the real thing…

  3. thatisocool

    wow impressive
    the shark one looks scary, but how would you use it?

  4. psychodork

    Ha…I have a lipstick knife and a pen knife. Now I need the key one… =)

  5. OOO

    shark knife and the evidence knife are so cool!!!

  6. Moburkhardt

    that belt knife might even pass an airport security test :P lulz

  7. L

    Man I love diver knives. The combination of form and function… that’s some real technology there.

  8. Paul

    Now now, let’s not give anybody any ideas

    I think I’d be just as scared using the shark knife as I would be facing it. That thing looks like an accident waiting to happen.

  9. forumlogic

    Totally irresponsible – nobody should be carrying or contemplating using a knife for “self-defence”. This is a sick post.

  10. Kochtopf

    I have one of those Key Shaped Pocket Knifes the only problem you have with them is that you are just able to open a letter or something like that…

  11. Toyama

    The Shark Katar made me chuckled

  12. Tim

    that’s awesome, i am definitely gonna buy the belt knife.

  13. JK III

    Bad-ass! And sneaky too :D

  14. timmay

    this is awesome, i cant wait to get the belt knife

  15. Den

    Nice for a collection, not for carrying out…
    The shark and lipstick knives are just too much!

  16. may


  17. timmay

    they are, u should get the belt knife. cause that’s what i am getting

  18. DavidS

    Gee, doesn’t really make me feel safe when flying.

  19. timmay

    wait, is the belt knife even legal

  20. Karin L.

    I’ll take a simple ceramic knife.

  21. Cwmill

    I love how they make most of these a fashion accessory,

  22. Fresh

    Dive Utility Knife is MEGA Badass!

  23. Kolin

    excellent, because what the world needs is more knives.

  24. TSA

    Sir, I’m afraid you’ll have to come with us.

  25. Emilia

    Absolutly agree with @forumlogic. No one should be encouraged to carry hidden knives, they are deadly weapons, and the ones displayed in this post are clearly not intended for cooking or camping. I just hope airport security are aware that all of these exist…

  26. Bob

    @forumlogic, rest ye moral highness. I would rather have (and not need) a weapon for self defense than need (and not have) a weapon for self defense.

  27. d1ve2blu3

    the shark knive is funny

  28. K. Baggins

    Ha it’s a key and a knife a KaKnife.

  29. Reilly

    Brings a whole new, stylish look to the job, for all your killing needs. The belt knife… seems perfect for a gangster or a mugger… and not to mention the pen knife… if your boss is REALLY pissing you off…

  30. timmay

    yah i want to get the belt knife but i dont even know if u can carry a consealed weapon

  31. 2BANINJA

    I find that knifes are the perfect protection device as one could have. I wish that one could carry this type of personnel protection over a gun. I only wish law and people would understand that with out knifes and swords man kind would still be throwing stones to protect themselves from crimminals and food. I wish that I could find more sites like this one.

  32. Bobb

    The manticunda knife is a useful tool and a badass weapon, while the scissor knife is just plain stupid.
    The Neolithic knife is simplicity in the making.

  33. awesomepie

    Diving knife is completely awesome. Corrosion resistant and one solid piece of metal= no weak points.

  34. dontyouwish

    I was looking for something to get my boyfriend for Christmas and these are perfect, although my favorite can’t seem to be found! Where’s the scissor knife! The link doesn’t seem to carry it anymore, and Google’s failed me..

  35. stevie wunder

    SOO need the diver nife, surf holiday to australia…

  36. Eve

    I like the Dive Utility Knife.

  37. Alex

    A knife isn’t a weapon it’s a tool. The only weapon is the human body itself everything else is just a tool to be used, everything from pocket knives to nukes they are all just tools to be used.

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