Modern Electrical Outlets and Power Strips

Modern Electrical Outlets and Power Strips

Modern electrical outlets and creative power strips from all over the world.

Socket Pocket

Creative phone-pocket for your electrical outlet.

Socket Pocket

Hang On Outlet

It is a basic power outlet with a little extra lip to hold on to your lose plugs, keeping your power management neat and tidy.

Hang On Outlet

Hang On Outlet 2

Hang On Outlet 3

Wall Cleats

What use is an electrical plug when you’re not plugged in? Two simple tabs on the ends of a standard cover plate increase its function.

Wall Cleats

Hidden Wall Safe Electrical Outlet

These unique wall safes allow you to hide valuables inside one of many identical looking wall outlets you already have in your home, the last place someone is likely to look.

Hidden Wall Safe Electrical Outlet


Electrical “power pod” made of thermoplastic rubber and with four plug outlets is the first in a series of Artecnica products called Wiremore, which will make electrical cables more, rather than less, visible.


WirePod 2

Swivel Sockets

Swivel sockets rotate 90 degrees for compact use in tight spaces.

Swivel Sockets

Donut Power Strip

Each outlet can spin inside its socket for the best fit. The donut shape also helps to keep cabling and critical power supplies organized.

Donut Power Strip

Donut Power Strip 2

E-Rope Power Strip

Power strip that allows users to add or subtract sockets as needed.

E-Rope Power Strip

Picket Fence

The Picket Fence adapts to older homes and cleanly manages the electrical necessities of the occupants.

Picket Fence

E-Ball Multiplug Connector

Modern power strip concept by MASHALLAH.DESIGN.

E-Ball Multiplug Connector

E-Ball Multiplug Connector 2

Plug with a Hole Concept

Pulling out a plug is not a hard work, but it is not always an easy task. Therefore, you need a better solution. This plug comes with a circular cut-out which can help you pull it out easily.

Plug with a Hole Concept

360 Electrical Outlet

360 Electrical is an electrical outlet plate where the two sockets spin 360 degrees to help manage bulky plugs.

360 Electrical Outlet

Socket Deer Outlet Cover

These electrical outlet covers let you put your mobile phone on the wall as it recharges.

Socket Deer Outlet Cover

Power Aware Cord

Electrical power strip in which the cord is designed to visualize the energy rather than hiding it. The current use of electricity is represented through glowing pulses, flow, and intensity of light.

Power Aware Cord

Rozetkus Power Strip

Power strip that gives you free choice of which way to plug.

Rozetkus Power Strip

Electroman Surge Protector

Here he comes to save the day – especially if you have more plugs than outlets.

Electroman Surge Protector

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  1. zen

    like the E-Ball Multiplug by mashallah design

  2. Kathy

    I’m definitely thinking about the Hidden Wall Safe. . there’s just no good spot in my house to hide my toothbrush from my parents!

  3. corinn

    “hide valuables inside one of many identical looking wall outlets” ….since when is a toothbrush that valuable? : )

  4. Ben Requena

    Q: “When is a toothbrush that valuable?”
    A: When it belongs to your mistress.

  5. Isara

    Stunning ideas! I’d love to have all of those above. Whipes out the boredom…

  6. Canon Camera Reviews

    I never thought they could make artwork out of a simple plug but that proved me wrong. These all look really good and practical.

  7. Hekko

    Awesomeeee ;-))) I want that “Picket Fence” in my home :-P

  8. John Thomas

    Wow, pretty amazing stuff!

  9. Tom

    The Power Aware Cord (glowing cord) would just make me use more power wastefully for the cool glowing effect.

  10. honour chick

    wow… great outlets :)

  11. PangeaForever of youtube

    That electro-man would be a great gift for my 3 year old nephew so he can play “electrician”

  12. danny

    i need to hide my tooth brush too!

  13. cez

    That wire pod one, the swirly grey one, seems like it would just make a big tangled mess as well as take up space, nice idea but not for wires.

  14. Marek

    good ;-)

  15. Richi

    I like the electroman one. :P

  16. GMan

    LOL… check out the safe socket.. or hidden wall safe electrical socket.. nice.. now I can hide my valuables.. a couple twenties.. this eighteen cent brush.. maybe even some Canadian quarters.. lol..

  17. Bubba Button

    These are so neat! Thanks for sharing this information and for putting together all of these great photos.

  18. Jocuri Funbox

    These are so great. Simple but very useful ideas. I’ve seen of couple of them around the web but not all. Thanks from posting them.

  19. Jeff

    This is very useful!

  20. chis

    are there the same designs available for UK sockets?

  21. thenetguruz

    Very useful indeed! Thanks for telling that stuff like this really exist, I am looking now where I can get some of them, especially that mobile holder and hang on outlet I need badly!

  22. Amir

    cool ideas

  23. Jethro

    why is there a toothbrush in that safe? who wants to hide their toothbrush in a secret wall safe?

  24. Matt Spire

    The picket fence and wall cleats are brilliant. I’ve always wanted a nicer way to do exactly what those do.

  25. Linea from denmark

    Untill powersourcing can be wireless these are some really interesting ideas, and a few I wouldnt mind seeing in my home.. Otherwise: HATE WIRES; I HAVE A THOUSAND!! pls someone tell me they will once become a thing of the past?

  26. Linea from denmark

    once= at one point (english is not my first language!)

  27. Slegolego

    Great works!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  28. someone

    all good but picket fence willl be pulled off by maniacing kids :)

  29. Hrold

    Pretty cool.
    But where the heck is the Power Squid???!

  30. that guy

    the wall safe is good until you come home drunk and put the key in the wrong hole.

  31. Dion Moult

    Cute designs, thanks for sharing, I like looking at these unique things that pop up every so often.

  32. Paul

    The picket fence is awesome, I’m going to try and make that at home.

  33. Ann

    The power cord that allows you to see the energy is a great idea.

  34. Jamie

    Thank you for sharing! I’m inspired!

  35. Annie Bimala

    thanks for it

  36. zachary


    Unless that is a rare toothbrush, I believe it is used to demonstrate the depth of the safe so that you know if your valuable long objects (golden stick????) will fit.

  37. yaused2bgood

    Wow,this really showers some rays of hope because it appears as if they’re getting closer to coming out with an anger outlet, well it’s about time!

  38. pyramind

    All those outlets look like shocked or sad or both.

    We need smiling outlets!

  39. stephen velasco

    i liked them all!!!! just hope that these new ” things” meets all the requirements of the latest electrical codes

  40. IrraWolle

    they’re all photoshopped!

  41. Krishna

    All the creations are simply cool, Do they really exists in reality??

  42. Robert

    Yay! More products to spend my money on. Sure, I don’t really need them as all my stuff is plugged in and working fine, but they’re so shiny!

  43. Azera

    where can i purchase these plugs?

  44. Eric

    I want ALL of these!

  45. phoenixx

    I always love improvements in daily annoyances. Those are the perfect innovations!
    But I guess that toothbrush in the safe outlet….gotta be a joke!

  46. Rosie

    Sure it’s a great place to hide a toothbrush but it doesn’t look big enough to hide m&m’s and the remote.

  47. Marsha Keeffer, Silicon Valley, CA

    Fabulous – never thought sockets and such could be beautiful, but many of these are.

  48. kiran

    Great ideas.Thanks for sharing.

  49. Grunge Designer

    Hey.. Lemme tell you something, your blog looks great and it has some really great content, including this.

    Subscribing to your RSS aswell ;)


  50. Mimi

    Do American sockets always look like funny faces? Then I think European is the most boring region in the world.

  51. George

    LOL at Jethro and “that guy”, the wall safe is an accident waiting to happen!

  52. Junior Silva

    Very good…

  53. Web-Betty

    Love these! I need more things to plug in!

  54. Darthmat


  55. Nestor

    Neat concept. I imagine I can think of something besides my toothbrush to stick in there

  56. aidan

    This totally amazing,very creative and safe.

  57. Xee

    These are wonderful, all cute and functional at the same time. Just like a mom like myself would love.

  58. Jasmine

    are these all really true ? THankx…. WHere can i buy those ?

  59. ronny

    this is the last time I’ll take drugs and stuff the net

  60. Tim

    The hanging power cables to save power is a great idea, but you know what’s an even better idea? Switches. Surely somebody could have thought of that when a standard for electrical devices was set.
    I don’t know how many other countries have switches but Australia does. It’s great.
    The swiveling plugs are a great idea, it really sucks when you have phone chargers that hog the whole powerboard by having a massive plug.
    And I love those creative extention leads and powerboards.

  61. trompyx

    nice post

  62. Bob Hazlett

    Thse ideas are all fine but you must have a circuit capable of having all these addons otherwise the least that can happen is blown fuzes or blown circuit breakers.

  63. Michael

    Here is a product you missed,, instead of using so many plugs just use one for six mobile devices.

  64. Dan

    The Plug with a Hole concept is already patented by Breville.

  65. Nick

    Nice ideas. Some of them at least — that “Hang On” outlet is just an example of “you’re doing it wrong”. The simpler solution is just to have a switch for each outlet. That way you wouldn’t need special compatible plugs…

  66. irava

    Nice. very nice. I like all the good ideas

  67. Mohit

    These stuff are really innovative and cool.Can anyone tell where these are available?

  68. cheezeflicker

    aww… i want the electroman one but it wouldnt owrk in the Uk cos there is a different kind of wall socket. :'(

  69. abouttime

    will it hold the toothpaste too?

  70. Joe

    Who WOULDN’T want to keep their toothbrush behind a fake plug socket!?!

    Wow… One thing i’d never noticed about American sockets… For all their wonderful facey-ness, they don’t have switches! I guess i’m so used to them in the UK (@Tim, yeah, not just Australia :) ) i’ve never noticed the lack of them…
    @Linea from Denmark, wireless electricity is definitely being worked on, so the day may in fact come when we’re free of wires! :D
    And i LOVE the E-Rope Power Strip one, WOW! It’s one of the few designs that could be expanded to european sockets, too! :D

  71. manzoor balouch

    i am very happy to see this wonderful electrical products

  72. Elemental LED Lighting Staff

    Yes we would really like to offer some of these to our customers. So many of good ideas that would people integrate efficient LED lighting in their homes.

  73. Debbie

    You really should tell us where we can actuallyBUY these things...

  74. Dan

    thank you for not only see that there were two different types of plugs but also that one was European…i was expecting to find someone complaining that some of the designs were made for non-existent plugs. You have given me hope in humanity again!

  75. Ashley Kelly

    How about a socket that totally replaces the system and enables your appliances to be plugged in anywhere along the skirting board, giving power wherever, and to however many things you need?

    The AllSocket System does this. Visit for more information.

  76. Robert

    Incredible! I love the picket fence. Thanks for the find!!

  77. Marius

    What sick family is that in which you hide your toothbrush in the wall?

  78. Reilly

    Laughing at the hidden wall safe – a 20 and a toothbrush XD

    Very valuable items at risk of being pinched there…

  79. Tahnya

    I came across this while trying to find a way to get swtiches on my electrical outlets. I am from Australia and like Tim says, we have switches and they are fantastic and so much more safer. I have recently moved to Canada and it’s very frustrating that there are no switches on the wall outlets, I don’t like plugging things in and taking them out while the power is still turned on in them, it’s creepy. I think for all these clever inventions, they are useless without the switches. Get the friggen swtiches.

  80. Christopher

    Tahnya….You Funny!!
    Canada and the USA have survived well many years without switches on the wall outlets. We here are only 110-120v vs your 220-240v. You’ll be fine mate!…..Chris

  81. markt

    Amazing, I wish they’d be available on ebay!

  82. Alphonso

    Toothbrush is only for reference on size, they didn’t have a montblanc pen on hand.

  83. Iqbal Singh Bharaj

    Where cud we these kind of in INDIA or if not what cud we do to get these to INDIA….

    Iqbal SIngh

  84. berry

    as cool as the WirePod seems i think it would just create too much hassle for the lack of it’s flexibility. it looks amazing but is there any way you could make it so people could twist it themselves ^_^ would be very fun.
    please take this as constructive… im sure you’ve thought of this already. X

  85. kurtis

    When it comes to outlets, I say more power to ya!

  86. Raads

    picket safe the whole way :D

  87. Jim

    Anyone know of a power strip with an emergency stop

  88. ChEeSe

    the wirepod was pretty cool and i also liked the e-rope power strip!!

  89. kiran kumar

    wonderful and innovative ideas.

  90. Doink

    I like the ball plug, it’s really practical. The safe is a really sick idea also!

  91. Anna

    I think the toothbrush was put in there just to show the actual size of the safe. It was a comparison.

  92. AndySixbvb

    I think Anna is right, kewl stuff.

  93. Reina

    My front vestibule has a light switch but no plug in and it’s so cold it cause
    My furnace to go on every few minutes…now I can’t put a heater there to
    Warm there any heater that works without a plug in style.

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