Power Giants

Power Giants

Creative electricity towers designed by Choi+Shine architects look like giant people that hold overhead power lines.

If the project gets approved, existing transmission towers in Iceland will be modified and transformed into male and female statues.

Modular design will help minimize construction and maintenance costs.

Beautiful pylon figures will become monuments in the “Land of Giants”.

The Land of Giants

Transmission Towers

Electricity Towers

Electricity Pylons

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  1. Philly Jack

    Crazies!!! dislike!

  2. Enrico Martinez

    Since power/electricity flows there,
    next, they will put motors & servos in them,
    then battle-armors, lasers and missiles.
    Gundam/Transformers in the making. :-D

  3. kadal

    hmmm….i’m imagining each tower has a different martial art pose. but if we follow it, it was a combination skill from martial art. and imagine those was over the world and each region has difference style pose.
    LOL…..guess i’m to much watch action movies…well..idea comes from imagination i’d say

  4. Muddy

    Why ?

  5. reason

    Maybe they should focus more on the safety of power lines than making the structures that hold them more attractive.

  6. Lilia Smiles

    I agree with ‘reason’ and the structures look a bit top heavy. I don’t know how structurally sound the figures are, but that should be more important than aesthetics.

  7. Betty

    If one were driving along in the country, it would more interesting to see these them just one normal tour after another. I think these are wonderful.

  8. Patzy

    Awesome! That’s art where we need it.

  9. Douglas

    Injecting creativity into mundane infrastructure is a good thing.

  10. jimbo

    That is creative use of are that I could enjoy. Similar to Street are or fire plug painting… I like the concept.

  11. Chad

    There’s lots of desolate land in Iceland so depending on where they put these up it could be a great use of space and draw tourists. Clearly you can’t ignore the primary function of these structures, but it’s always great when you can inject creativity into common, mundane items.

  12. Dustin

    If they need to go to all this extra effort, why not bury the power lines instead. Then people could view beautiful unobstructed nature instead of ugly giant statues.

  13. BLUE

    ok, I rather not see any structure obscuring the nature, but if there must be a structure, one that has come from an artist’s mind and soul is better than one that hasn’t ! I dont know why people are complaining. . .

  14. amin

    wooooooooooow that is very good.

  15. maseki

    Me like

  16. neelam

    cooo….llll gr8 thinkin

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