Roller Skates with Chariot Wheels

Roller Skates with Chariot Wheels

Chariot Skates are unique devices that cross the boundaries between skating and cycling.

Large wheels allow you to gain and maintain momentum with less effort, achieve greater stability and skate over rougher terrain.

Chariot Inspired Inline Skates

Chariot Skates

Inline Skates with Chariot Wheels

Chariot Rollerblades

Chariot Roller Skates

Chariot Inline Skates

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  1. Julie

    Looks like you’d really gub your knees if you fell over in them though, proper dislocation material

  2. GustaveCo

    These look really stupid.

  3. Chad

    Reminds me of the wheeler monkeys from The Return to Oz.

  4. Betty

    These look like great fun. Because the wheels are not under your feet, it seems that if you did go down, you wouldn’t go down quite so hard. I wonder how easy it is to learn how to use them if you already a feel for roller blades?

  5. panubo

    how does it brake ? ;P

  6. jord

    i’d probably want some ski poles to complete the look. no wait. not probably….. definitely

  7. bird

    those look ridiculous

  8. delere

    Cool, but where are the chariot wheel spikes!!!?

  9. JK III


  10. Rene

    I like the idea a lot. Roller skates are not that stable, with more stability they are safer, therefore, much better.

    Wonder if the additional wheel can be made a little bit smaller? The idea of the extra wheel to stabilize it would stay, but it would be smaller…..

    Hope they come soon to the stores.

  11. Karin L.

    There are designers out there with too much time on their hands.

  12. Ryan

    How do you stop?

  13. Rooster

    This brings the lameness of rollerblading to unseen levels…

  14. takpar

    oh, i think he can’t stop it!

  15. Spanki

    OMG hello people can’t you see the big brake on the back!
    It looks impressive it seems with the large wheels you need to put less effort into moving
    I wouldn’t mind having a go


  16. tim

    Take a chillpill people. Idea is great. Nothing like that out there.

  17. Kirvi Inci

    I’d try them. They would make a cool contribution to certain stage costumes that is for sure.

  18. mike

    cool idea. I want a pair.

    Those who are downing this probably only leave their computer chair long enough to make a trip to the kitchen on the way to the couch.

  19. mike

    to stop hand brake or T stop

  20. Rebekah

    :O I was about to say something about the “wheelers” not wheeler monkeys from Return to Oz! This are a cool design though.

  21. mudisoft

    this surely made me lol :D

    I’m all up for novelty and innovation, but that’s just silly

  22. Baran

    fallıng from it would be paınfull.

  23. Reptile

    I’ve checked out the video and it does seem to have remarkable performance. Hurrah! Hope to see them soon.

  24. Reilly

    They look really silly. It looks like your a wheelchair human or something.

  25. Chong

    I want a pair! My only concern is if you fall on your side, unless there was an emergency system where the wheel, say, moves away or detaches if you turn your foot really hard, I would imagine quite a lot of people are going to be breaking their ankles.

  26. michele

    where can i order some?

  27. Joe

    you brake with a specially made wrist guard/glove that allows you to grab the wheel and slow yourself. i saw it on another site

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